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A very brief history of vinyl records (from invention to recent comeback)

Vinyl record is one of the most beloved physical audio formats to ever grace the Earth with its presence. Many people have been collecting them for decades while more are falling in love with them. Enough that a so-called “comeback” of the format occurred as its sales increased year by year. But what is the […]

15 Die Cut Music Packaging Designs

The only it’s still worth it to buy music on physical format is when it’s with a beautiful music packaging design. And few things are prettier than a die-cut packaging whether it’s for CD packaging or vinyl packaging. Here are some of the sleekest die-cut music packaging we’ve seen on the internet. They’re a little […]

11 Reasons You Should Press Vinyl Now (and Not later!)

We’re almost back to normal so if you’re a musician and you’re wondering if you should press vinyl records already. The answer is…you should have done it YESTERDAY! I know why you’re worried. The cost of the format is one of the top reasons why most musicians are apprehensive. Others find the format heavy and bulky, […]

NEWS: 94% growth for vinyl record sales in 2021!

We are halfway through the second half of the year and things in the music industry are doing great so far. There has been a stream of 2021 mid-year reports released and shared by organizations and businesses. Though 2020 was the year vinyl records finally surpassed CD sales in the US after so many years, […]

There’s a vinyl record worth $354,000! (Or why you should sell records now if you’re a musician)

If you think vinyl records are expensive, As a musician, you might think twice about releasing your album on vinyl record because of the rather expensive price tag of vinyl record pressing. But you might want to give it a shot because even though vinyl definitely costs more than digital, their value could appreciate more than […]

10 steps to order custom vinyl record in 100 units

Due to its high demand from collectors and fans, artists—both independent and signed—have been releasing singles and albums on vinyl records. This impact from the vinyl comeback has been a blessing for many, however, some found it burdensome. We all know how the vinyl record is an expensive piece of audio format, even back in […]

5 things to avoid when you release custom vinyl records for the first time

Releasing a vinyl record album for the first time can be quite nerve-wracking. The idea of doing all the planning, recording, mastering, designing artwork, and marketing the thing like crazy can give you a light headache even you start your first phone call. And oh, let’s not forget the money you’ll have to spend for […]

How to Make Custom Vinyl Records That Are Worth Collecting

Custom vinyl records have slowly risen from its lowest era after CDs have replaced them, and last year was its first success as it surpassed CDs in terms of sales in the US. The format also sold millions of units all over the world, showcasing its increasing audience and increasing production. And as we look […]

Third Man Records and Their Awesomest Vinyl Records

As a company that presses vinyl records, we always have mad respect to music innovators such as Third Man Records. They released some of the quirkiest vinyl releases with the most badass merch items to boot. Third Man is an innovator in the world of vinyl records and a boundary pusher in the world of […]

vinyl pressing steps

Easy step-by-step guide in pressing 100 units of vinyl records

Releasing a digital music album is stressful enough. What more if you have them released in a physical format…especially if it’s a vinyl record!  Well, one thing is for sure: It won’t be too hard if you read this guide. And oh. Here’s the one thing that can make everything so much easier. If it’s […]