Female Musicians and their album releases, 10 Female Musicians and their creative album releases

10 Female Musicians and their creative album releases

Who runs the world? GIRLS!

Before we end International Women’s Month,  we came up with got another article to celebrate it.

Here, we present to you ten iconic women in the current music industry and their equally iconic music albums.

The albums were released on custom vinyl records that sold well thanks to the well done custom vinyl pressings by the pressing plants. I’m pretty sure they will surely take your breath away.


beyonce vinyl record

Beyonce has been one of the images of Feminism and Black Feminism, in general, in the American music industry.

With tons of her songs relaying messages of women and/or black people sufferings and hardships to whoever listens, she has used her platform as a musician to help educate the world of feminism and other social issues we have at present.


If you want to listen to songs of black women power, then you can try listening to Beyonce’s sixth studio album, Lemonade.

It has a total of 12 tracks pressed onto two 12-inch vinyl records in lemon yellow, which are housed inside their own printed inner sleeves and a beautifully printed gatefold jacket.

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taylor swift vinyl record

Next on the list is the lyricist of the century, Taylor Swift. At the age of 15, she has wowed many people in her generation as well as the ones before and after hers.

But with success comes hate, criticism, and judgment. And with the industry she has chosen, where sexism is prevalent, she cannot help but be a victim to it.

However, even with all the hate she has received and all the heavy scrutiny she was due to her very publicized dating relationship, she has never once let it ruin her completely.

She has instead chosen to make those negative things into her weapon to fight those haters.

taylor swift reputation

This weapon came in the form of her sixth studio album, Reputation, released in 2017. And she really went all out with this.

She had a monochrome album cover for it, deviating from most of her known album covers, and even had two picture discs all having different artwork per side (a total of 4) holding all 15 tracks of the album.

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Female Musicians and their album releases, 10 Female Musicians and their creative album releases

Ariana Grande has been known for calling bull on the many sexist behaviors people in general do towards women in the music industry. She condemned the double standard of people in the industry who criticize women for showing some skin.

She commented that women who want to do photo shoots with only a panty on should be treated the same way sexy male artists are treated when they do shoots with their shirts off.

Female Musicians and their album releases, 10 Female Musicians and their creative album releases

If you’ve heard of the track God is a Woman then that’s hers, and I bet you’ll agree with her when you listen to it. The single is from her fourth studio album Sweetener which had 15 tracks in total.

The vinyl album includes two inner sleeves printed with photos of Grande and the tracks’ lyrics, as well as two gold and white colored vinyl records, all housed inside a gatefold jacket.



Female Musicians and their album releases, 10 Female Musicians and their creative album releases

Rainbow is Kesha’s third studio album which was released in 2017. All 14 tracks of the album were pressed onto two 12-inch standard black vinyl records that were housed inside a printed single jacket that features an artwork of Kesha’s nude back.

Apparently, Kesha’s single Woman from the album started from the so-called conviction she felt to scream, “I’m a motherfucking woman,” while she was one day stuck in traffic.

That feeling of pride as a woman just bursted out of her that she wrote the song which has now become one of women’s many anthems.

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Female Musicians and their album releases, 10 Female Musicians and their creative album releases

Nicki Minaj is one of the most iconic women in the male-dominated genre of rap and she is backed up with her skills, multiple awards and nominations, and the sales she has made with her albums.

She is not just a symbol of hope to young women who want to venture into male-dominated fields though, because she is also a giver of hope.

Female Musicians and their album releases, 10 Female Musicians and their creative album releases

Nicki Minaj has encouraged them, through her interviews and posts, that women should take risks and break boundaries, just like she did. She took her encouragement one step higher with her 2018 album Queen. The album emphasizes on how women should know their worth.

Her album’s visual presentation just screams that women are PRICELESS. The album with its 19 tracks are pressed onto see through 12-inch orange colored vinyl records with gold embellishments on the center.

And the jacket that houses the records features Minaj in gold accessories and clothing.



Female Musicians and their album releases, 10 Female Musicians and their creative album releases

Aside from being known as the other Queen of Pop, she is also known for being one of the survivors of sexual assault.

She has been always vocal about her hate for those oppressive acts done against any type of person, like women and members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

If you’ve heard of her Chromatica album, a remix album of the 2020 album titled Dawn of Chromatica, was released last September 2021.

The vinyl album comes with a single 12-inch vinyl record in op  aque white. The record is then stored inside a single jacket printed with a reimagined artwork of the album cover for Chromatica.



Female Musicians and their album releases, 10 Female Musicians and their creative album releases

Even popular female musicians cannot escape sexist people in the industry. Take for example Jennifer Lopez here, who apparently feels like women in the industry need to be more well-behaved than their male counterparts.

She has also confessed to sometimes feeling restrained to voice her views and opinions.

To celebrate international women’s day, why not celebrate it with J. Lo’s sultry and seductive debut studio album On The 6? The album was re-released last 2020 in celebration of the album’s 20th anniversary. The release came with two custom vinyl records designed with mahogany swirl.



madonna vinyl record

Now we have Madonna, the first Queen of Pop and her strong will to empower and unite all women.

She has been using her platform ever since to represent us women and to give us the power and hope that we need from her songs.

Her songs, like most of the women in this list, have broken barriers that seemed unbreakable. These helped in the empowerment of women since she has shown the creative and wildside of women.

Her album Erotica is one of those many works and she has that was remastered and released on custom vinyl record with blue and white splash last 2020 with the same artwork.



rihanna vinyl record

Rihanna has given a speech at the Global Conference on Women and Entrepreneurship and it should be known by every single woman in the world. It is such a great explanation of our hardships in this so-called man’s world and also a great motivation to us women.

Though not verbatim, she pointed out how our strength as women can be seen in our power to overcome anything, and this rings true even in the earliest accounts of history. Our resilience has made us come this far and so has hers.

Her resilience has gifted us with her last studio album as of 2022, ANTI. The album was released 6 years ago with a vinyl album that included a tri-fold jacket housing two white vinyl records and a number of printed cards.



billie eilish vinyl record

Last on the list is a younger iconic female musician that is known for not being swayed by what other people say about her.

Billie Eilish is a 20-year old singer known for her oversized unisex outifts which screams how she doesn’t give a what on being judged and criticized for how she looks.

She is a woman that has empowered not just the women she’s in the same industry with. And she has also empowered her fans and other young females to just be themselves.

billie eilish

She also has songs that screams of women empowerment. Her latest album Happier Than Ever released last year had some of those tracks.

The double LP vinyl album  of Happier Than Ever actually had a lot of versions. The standard edition was in standard black vinyl record, the Amazon exclusive one was in sage green vinyl, and Walmart exclusive was in pale yellow vinyl.

For Urban Outfitters it was in opaque sienna vinyl, Target exclusive in light blue vinyl, lastly, Store exclusive was in cool gray vinyl.

There are actually a lot more of these iconic women, unfortunately they’re too many to mention so we had to settle with this short list. So, who’s your favorite female music icon within this list?


James Hill is a veteran of the music industry. He first worked at Warner Reprise Records then later joined Interscope/ Geffen Records where he managed producers and songwriters and got his first platinum record for Keyshia Cole’s The Way It Is. He is now helping indie artists with branding and manufacturing through his company Unified Manufacturing, a CD/DVD/vinyl and merch company in LA.

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