How to get your shopify store set up with youtube

Have a thriving Shopify store but want to reach a wider audience? Have you heard of YouTube? Well, we’re here to show you how to set up shopify store youtube. This blog will guide you through the step-by-step process of integrating your Shopify store with YouTube, allowing you to showcase your products and drive sales […]

The right way to market your music in 2024 and beyond

We get it, it’s a digital jungle out there. That’s why where here to show you how to market music in the digital world. We don’t want you getting outshined by viral cat videos right? Or if they DO get noticed, they’ll soon be forgotten again because well…our attention spans are shrinking! What to do? […]

15 ways to greatly reduce stress when releasing an album

They say music reduces stress. Well, they’re so right about that. But you know it’s different when you’re the one releasing it, right? So in this guide we put together, we’re going through fifteen essential tips—covering everything from using digital tools to finding the right partners—to make your album release stress-free (or at least less […]

Why customer (service) is king

Customer is King. And that’s why In today’s music scene, being a musician isn’t just about making great tunes and belting out killer vocals. It’s also about something more unexpected: customer service. And you might be thinking: “That’s just handling orders, easy peasy.” Well, yeah, you’re right. But the last bit? Not so much. As […]

10 Essential tips for pre-selling your vinyl

Pre-selling your vinyl album is an art form in itself—a dance between generating excitement and managing the logistics of production. It involves careful planning, smart marketing, and a deep understanding of your audience. So how do you do it right? These ten essential tips will guide you through the intricacies of setting up your vinyl […]

10 smart ways to analyze your fans

If you’ve read our previous article on getting to really know your fans, we’ve quickly talked about the benefits of utilizing analytic tools. Now, we’ve got you a whole article dedicated to it. So aside from talking and interacting with your fans, you can also try using quantitative data from different analytical tools. You might […]

EPIC GUIDE-How to release an album without a record label

You’re an indie artist and wondering how to release an album without a record label? Don’t worry, we got you. In this article, we’ll discuss the steps you have to take to release your album without a record label. I. PUTTING TOGETHER AN ALBUM While there’s no right formula of how you prepare your album […]

Stans are all you need

Have you heard of Stan Twitter? No? Then you better dive into it or you’ll be missing out. You see, It’s where you’ll find and interact with the most enthusiastic, most dedicated fans of just about anything anime stans, music stans, movie stans, you name it! What’s even better is that they are also subdivided […]

3 types of fans and how to hook them

There are different types of music fans. And if you want to succeed in the industry, then you’ll have to know what bait to cast so they’ll be hooked. But don’t worry. You really don’t need a lot—a few superfans is all you really need. Soo…who are your fans? Well it could be everyone, but […]

Bands with best marketing campaigns

If you want people to actually buy your music, sometimes, good music just isn’t enough. You must also have the best merketing campaign tailored to your needs and image. If you want inspiration, here are six bands with innovative album releases: #1. CUT COPY – FREE YOUR MIND Back in 2013, the concept of Pokémon […]