Are Vinyl Records Making a Comeback?

Now that CDs are slowly becoming extinct thanks to Spotify and the like, are vinyl records rising from the ashes?  Vinyl was first overshadowed by tapes and then by CDs because these digital formats were much easier to access and therefore more convenient and much cheaper. And later in the millennium era, CDs were slowly […]

21 Vinyl Box Sets That Are as Awesome As The Music

We all love good music but what seals the deal when it comes to album purchase is a really good-looking packaging. That’s what makes it worth it. Otherwise, might as well download the album, right? A good box set makes us feel like we own a treasure so the quality of the audio shouldn’t be […]

Vinyl Pressing Tips from the Guy Who Presses Your Vinyl

Musicians all over the world have been ordering vinyl records from us. Most of them are more than satisfied with their vinyl, but a few of them encountered some challenges that could have been avoided. If you’re considering to have vinyl pressed with us, here are my tips for you so everything will run smoothly. […]

Vinyl Records With The Most Creative Shapes!

Vinyl records, especially picture discs, can definitely add more fun to your living room. They’re every-single-penny worth collecting because not only are they cool, they’re also rare. Some just have a pressing of 500-1000 discs. If you’re a hardcore fan, the collector’s edition vinyl record is like a trophy. Here are some vinyl records with […]