We believe every artist deserves a rock-solid 'battle buddy' in-the-trenches kind of vendor who actually gives a f*ck.

Our mission is to provide the most seamless, sustainable, and soul-led merch production & printing to help musicians, creatives, and agencies amplify their impact.


"To remove the isolation from the musician's journey and inspire the next generation of creative misfits, troublemakers, and defiant voices."

We're that merch production and printing company that lives for human connection and thrives on the pain of being in the trenches with the artists, agencies, and musical misfits we serve.

In other words, we actually give a f*ck about our clients, the environment, and the mental health of our team, as we deliver the most eco-friendly and efficient DTG printing services (minus the corporate bullshit).

Were fueled by defiance, determined to remove the isolation from the artist's journey, and driven to provide second chances for the marginalized and forgotten.

If you're ready to join the anti-corporate creative rebels waging war against the corporate/soulless approach to merch production, give us a call.