How to get your Shopify Store set up with youTube

How to get your Shopify store set up with YouTube A few months back, YouTube Partner Program (YPP) introduced the The YouTube Shopping feature. This is a game-changer for artists because it enables you to link your official merch store to your Youtube channel. That means, viewers and fans can check out your products and […]

10 influencer kits that totally rock

Nowadays, with social media blending into marketing strategies, there’s this cool thing called influencer kits. They’re these awesome packages that brands use to team up with influencers online. WHY SHOULD YOU MAKE ONE?  It gives a more genuine vibe than direct advertising. Influencers dish out their real experiences, making the whole promotion feel legit to […]

The right way to market your music in 2024 and beyond

Ever feel like the online world is this never-ending stream of tweets, posts, and viral cat videos?  We get it, it’s a digital jungle out there.  Now, imagine your favorite bands trying to be seen in this chaos. Even if they’re the best at what they do, they could still be outshined by cat videos […]

Bluray boxsets of the top 10 movies of 2023

The year is almost ending and we’re about to enter the year 2024. So before we say bye-bye to 2023, let’s backtrack and talk about the top 10 movies of this year and their blu-ray box sets. #10. MEG 2: THE TRENCH So, just like the last movie, Meg 2 is about a bunch of […]

19 Scratch-and-Sniff Albums that made a mark

Want to surprise your fans? Give them scented albums! Scratch-and-sniff albums are a unique and fun way to experience music. By adding the olfactory dimension, artists can create a more immersive and engaging listening experience. Here’s a list of 19 scratch-and-sniff albums that have truly made a mark in this unique niche: [In case you’re […]

15 ways to greatly reduce stress when releasing an album

So, you’ve finally decided to release an album. Wuhoo! But listen up – getting your album out there isn’t just about tossing it into the world. It’s more like planning a grand wedding for 1000 people – you need a solid plan. In this guide, we’re going through fifteen essential tips—covering everything from using digital […]

Top 40 best-selling vinyl albums of 2023 so far

You might have thought “Nah, vinyl’s just a fad”. We thought the same way, too. That’s why we’re very much surprised that vinyl is still alive and kicking up to this day. In fact, this year, vinyl sales rose 13.2% in the first nine months. As we approach the end of 2023, it is worth […]

Why customer (service) is king

In today’s music scene, being a musician isn’t just about making great tunes and belting out killer vocals. It’s also about something more unexpected: customer service.  Yep, you read that right! And you might be thinking: “That’s just handling orders, easy peasy.” Well, yeah, you’re right. But the last bit? Not so much. As someone […]

17 Merch Hoodies for the holidays

Ho ho ho! Christmas is just around the corner. It’s already that time of year where people all around the world are thinking of gifts. Two of the top items on their list would unquestionably be hoodies and sweatshirts. They definitely deserved their spots too because they’re not just cozy and warm, they’re stylish as […]

VIP Tour Box Sets of Taylor Swift and 10 other musicians (they’re all incredibly insane!)

Now that we’re back to artists physically touring the world, VIP tour box sets and merch bags are returning too. To help out new musicians planning their own tours and releasing VIP merch, here’s a list of them that you can get inspiration from. First one’s Taylor Swift’s, of course, the mother of high quality […]