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Making a music press kit in 2024

You might think “Nah, music press kits are so 1997″, but band press kit is still the best way to promote your music to industry people. It will never ever go out of style. It’s (still) a great way to introduce yourself and your music to the music industry. If you’ve got one already, well…have […]

Biggest List Of Music Recording Studios In The USA (Part 4)

Are you a musician and you’re wondering “where are the music recording studios near me?” We got you. We compiled over 500 music recording studios in the USA just for you. If you want the full list beautifully compiled in a spreadsheet, follow our Instagram page  and send us a message with a subject line “I […]

Biggest List Of Music Recording Studios In The USA (Part 3)

Don’t know where you can find music recording studios? We compiled a list for you. If you want the full list beautifully compiled in a spreadsheet, like our Facebook page and send us a message with a subject line “I want the big list.” Part 1 (A-C) Part 2 (D-H) Part 4 (Q-Z) Biggest […]

Why it’s a must that you wear your merch in your videos

Artists have been selling merch for many years now, so newer ones aren’t really unfamiliar with the game. However, navigating the realm of merchandising requires more than just familiarity so you’ll have to know how to promote merch. Simply slapping your name on a t-shirt or sticking your face on a coffee mug won’t cut […]

How to get your shopify store set up with youtube

Have a thriving Shopify store but want to reach a wider audience? Have you heard of YouTube? Well, we’re here to show you how to set up shopify store youtube. This blog will guide you through the step-by-step process of integrating your Shopify store with YouTube, allowing you to showcase your products and drive sales […]

The right way to market your music in 2024 and beyond

We get it, it’s a digital jungle out there. That’s why where here to show you how to market music in the digital world. We don’t want you getting outshined by viral cat videos right? Or if they DO get noticed, they’ll soon be forgotten again because well…our attention spans are shrinking! What to do? […]

15 ways to greatly reduce stress when releasing an album

They say music reduces stress. Well, they’re so right about that. But you know it’s different when you’re the one releasing it, right? So in this guide we put together, we’re going through fifteen essential tips—covering everything from using digital tools to finding the right partners—to make your album release stress-free (or at least less […]

10 ways to add more buzz to your album release

Recording an album is daunting. But so does promoting an album release. You have to take your vitamins and gather more energy because recording’s just the beginning! After that comes mastering, manufacturing, and last but not the least—marketing and promotion. Marketing is definitely a must and you should have started it months before recording. You […]

10 smart ways to analyze your fans

If you’ve read our previous article on getting to really know your fans, we’ve quickly talked about the benefits of utilizing analytic tools. Now, we’ve got you a whole article dedicated to it. So aside from talking and interacting with your fans, you can also try using quantitative data from different analytical tools. You might […]

EPIC GUIDE-How to release an album without a record label

You’re an indie artist and wondering how to release an album without a record label? Don’t worry, we got you. In this article, we’ll discuss the steps you have to take to release your album without a record label. I. PUTTING TOGETHER AN ALBUM While there’s no right formula of how you prepare your album […]