Custom Cassette Tapes & Cassette Duplication

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Cassette tapes are making a huge comeback. Let your fans take a trip down memory lane by releasing your album in hip analogue tapes in really creative packaging.

Smoked Tinted w Some Cosmetic Defects
Sonic Yellow
Clear with Black Liner
Turquoise Tint
Transparent 2
Transparent Green
Red Solid
Red Solid
Turquoise, No Window
Violet Tint
White Matte
Yellow Solid
Yellow Solid
White Oxide
Windowless Black
Windowless Red
Yellow Tinted 2
Yellow Tinted
Yellow, No Window
Yellow Tint
Green Tint
Green Tint
Blue Tint
Blue Tint
24K Gold
Baby Blue
Baby Blue
Black Sonic
Blue, Red, Green, Gold Glitter
Brick Sonic
Chocolate Swirl
Clean Cassette
Cool Grey, No Window
Dark Blue
Dark Gold Metallic
Electric Blue
Fluorescent Green
Fluorescent Pink Transparent
Fluorescent Pink
Frosted Ice Semi-Transparent
Frosted w Grey Liner
Frosted w Grey Liner 2
Gold Glitter
Gold Metallic
Gold Plated - Painted
Green No Window
Green Sonic
Green Tint Sonic
Hi-Def Wasabi
Lemon Yellow Sonic
Light Blue
Lime Green
Metallic Purple Foil
Mint Tinted
Orange Tint
Orange, No Window
Pea Green
Pink & Blue (Blue)
Pink & Blue (Pink)
Pink & Blue
Pink Neon
Pink Sonic
Pink Tinted
Pink, No Window
Pizza Pie Glitter
Purple 249 Swirl
Purple 249
Purple Swirl
Purple Tint Sonic
Recycle Sky Blue
Red Glitter, Slight Yellow Tint
Red Glitter
Red Sonic
Red Tint Sonic
Red Tint
Red Transparent Sonic
Red Transparent w Cosmetic Details
Sea Green Sonic
Silver Glitter
Silver Sonic
Smoke Tint Sonic

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