New LGBTQIA artists to listen to for Pride Month

June is coming and you know what this month is all about? It’s Pride Month, baby! And what better way to celebrate it as a music fan than to give some support to up-and-coming LGBTQIA+ artists. Surely, it’s cool to listen to them all year round, but this month, let’s give them the floor, shall […]

AI Music- Music can now be created through artificial intelligence!

AI is definitely taking over everything…including music. Early this year, news broke out that Apple Inc. has bought a startup named AI Music.  AI Music  creates music without paying a royalty fee and just using artificial intelligence (AI) instead. In their Linkedin account, they have a goal of “giving their consumers the power to choose […]

10 Best Music Stores in the USA—Ranked Based on popularity among musicians

It might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s not as easy as you think to shop for the best music instruments— especially if you take your music career seriously. You’ve got to buy or order them from a music store that sells only the good stuff. Not only that, we want a reliable place to […]

NFT Albums—Pros and Cons and The Artists That Released Them

Welcome to the 21st century, where music is being sold and consumed in a million different ways. The newest trend is NFT Albums, and it’s something many people love to hate, and probably for a reason. But first…what is NFT? It stands for Non-Fungible Token. That doesn’t make it any clearer, does it? Before I […]

Women in Music: Top Tips from Female Musicians on how to make it in music

Who run the world? Girls. International Women’s Day is coming fast and what better way to celebrate this day than to hail the women who’ve made history in the music industry? And because we all know it’s not that easy to crack the code if you’re a woman, let’s continue on to the most likely […]

15 Simple New Habits That Will Benefit Your Music

Making music is already a hard thing to do, couple it with building your music career , it just becomes twenty times harder. This perilous road to recognition may take a toll on you and your music which is not something you can afford to have. To help you maintain or improve you and your […]

Top 15 Music Predictions for 2022

The pandemic has made it difficult to make any predictions but luckily, there are music industry pros with good experience, good sense, and powerful crystal balls. They’ve been studying trends in music and they know how things work on the ground (and online!), so their predictions are the most legit. Let’s see how they imagine […]

25 Reasons Why Being a Musician Today is Awesome

Having a career in music is not all sunshine and rainbows, and I’m sure you already know that, especially during the pandemic. To start a career in the music industry, you need to not only release good music but you have to be willing to learn the trade, to advertise yourself, get to know the […]

7 Ways to Collaborate with Musicians (and some golden tips on how to do it right)

Collaborations have always been anticipated by many music fans from all around the world. Fans love musician interactions, especially interactions within the musicians they are a fan of. Moreover, these collaborations are also great for marketing yourselves to other musician’s fans. You can show other musician’s fans what talent you have and they may love […]

How to market your album during and after covid-19

With bars shut down and concerts cancelled, COVID-19 has turned the lives of musicians upside down, especially those planning to release music in 2020. Everybody seems to be just feeling their way through the darkness as there is no entirely right or entirely wrong decision. It seems like you can just basically do whatever you […]