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The 3 Musts of Promotional Products

Don't simply print your band name on a piece of shirt just for the sake of having promotional items. You have to give good attention to your promotional products in order for it to be effective. Be strategic and smart ...
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Indie Musicians: The Dos and Don’ts of Touring

Touring is so much fun! Well, as long as you never complain. Or go to the toilet. Or eat. The Guardian's Indie Professor made a fun but sensible list of the do's and don'ts of touring. This list is by no ...
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IRSC Code- What is it, Why you need it, How you can get it

What is an IRSC Code? The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC), is a standard that every musician, record producer or any sound recording copyright owner must follow in order to have their works tracked and get paid with royalties. ISRC ...
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CD Packaging: 12 Brilliant Typographic Album Art

Here are 12 albums that use type (letters) as the album art. No glossy portraits, no bling-bling, just letters made into artwork. Brilliant! Zipper Catches Skin by Alice Cooper What you get here is just the lyrics from the album ...
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3 Ways to Convince People to Sign-up For Your Mailing List

I cannot recall signing up to a mailing list ever! Not for my favorite products, or favorite authors, or favorite bands. That’s because I’m anal and I want my inbox free from unnecessary marketing e-mails as much as possible. Whenever ...
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Creative Concepts: Corporate Giveaways for The Kitchen Films, Spain

Here is a range of corporate identity and packaging materials for The Kitchen Films designed by ruiz+company, Spain. I just adore how clean it looks-black and white, one-dimensional, uncluttered. It reminds me of kindergarten coloring books. The best thing about ...
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Indie Filmmakers: Sites to Post Your Short Films

Two years ago, the word on the street said that all the undiscovered talent was on the Internet. Sites like and were getting unknown talents onto A-list movies. Lately, we aren’t hearing anything like that. Is the Internet ...
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Common Mistakes Bands Make During CD Manufacturing

Some of the bands that get our service, especially the new ones, commit these mistakes during CD manufacturing.  They are not really fatal mistakes but they can cause delays and can affect your music career in one way or the ...
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CD Packaging: ICARUS Carnivalesque

Artist:Icarus Title: Carnivalesque Label: Not Applicable Year: 2005 Designer: Ollie Brown, Sam Britton Carnivalesque’s CD packaging is a great example of anti-design. They used discarded albums of other artists then scribbled and erased info on each page with a black ...
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Get Organized!-Things to Prepare for CD Duplication

Like with every other area of putting together a CD, preparing for the duplication process is one that is just as important. You want to make sure to pay attention to the details and ensure that you don't have to ...
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