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Insieme Musica Diversa

Artist: Insieme Musica Diversa Title: Insieme Musica Diversa Label: Die Schachtel Year: 2009 Design: Bruno Stucchi, Dinamo Milano The thick cardboard box contains all sorts of things. As well as the CD and booklet there’s a poster, graphic scores, the roulette wheel and a musical game. The game contains such wonderful instructions as “perform different […]


Branding Basics for Artists

No artist wants to think about branding because every artist’s primary motivation is to express, not to sell. However, most of them are already unknowingly doing it anyway. Branding is simply being consistent with how yo define yourself, constantly reaching out to the same group of people,  and speaking right to them. In marketing terms, that is […]

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CD Packaging of the Week: Guzior – Evil Things Digipak

Photographer: Marta Boska Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Guzior, Que Quality Location: Wroclaw, Poland Packaging Contents: CD Digipack Packaging Substrate / Materials: Carton, Paper Printing Process: Scratch print, foiling, box Special & limited edition of digipack for new album “EVIL_THINGS” by polish rapper Guzior. The digipack’s pre-order version has hidden tracklist by scratch print so only […]

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Music Packaging of the Week: A L Q V I M I A by NØM

Design: Luis Utrillas Project Type: Student Project Photography: Unpardedos Location: Spain Packaging Contents: Music Packaging Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, Paper Printing Process: Gliceé printing ENG Alqvimia is the music debut of the spanish band NØM Musically it has an eclectic style that is born from an indie rock idea, although it has psychedelic and experimentation dyes. […]


6 Practical Tips for Designing Album Cover

If it’s your first time to release an album, chances are the album art is the last thing you think about that’s why it can be a total pain in the arse especially if you’re near your deadline. Do not underestimate how tedious making an album cover can be. It’s definitely not like submitting a […]