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5 Highly Entertaining Album Covers

Mooi Besoedeling- Zinkplaat This album has a scratch-off ink layer on the front and back, as well as a guitar pick to scratch the ink off with. You will certainly get a different kind of high with all the scratching! unique-album-cover-zinkplaat Christmas songs by Eunice Elizabeth Olsen and Rennie Gomes You can actually sew your messages or artwork on this cover! Sew cool, isn’t it? This was designed by the Singaporead-based agency Asylum in 2008 for the Christmas songs by Eunice Elizabeth Olsen and Rennie Gomes. cd-packaging-olsen-gomes unique-album-cover-olsen-gomes What’s Wrong with This Picture?- Andrew Gold The album’s official site says this picture has 32 wrong things. I started searching and after a minute I found two odd things-that the curtain of the left window is being sucked even if it’s closed and the chair he’s sitting on only has 3 legs. This is not as easy as the “spot the Difference” in the Sunday paper. I could examine it the whole day and still not all 32 wrong things. fantastic-cd-packaging-andrew-gold Imaginary Day- Pet Methany Group The icons are actually codes and they represent letters. When translated, the codes above read “Pat Metheny Group. Imaginary Day”.  Every piece of text, except for the album credits, was replaced by and image code, even the track listing on the back. The images represent the mood & songs of the album. The cover did use a blue “belly band” to make sure fans actually knew to pick up the album. The actual CD was used as the image cipher, with the CD’s design cut into segments and transparent part of the CD showing the alphabet. You rotate the CD in the case to reveal the different codes. cd-packaging-Pat-Metheny-Group-Imaginary-Day cd-packaging-Pat-Metheny-Group Minute Papillon- Second Language The text is sooo small that you need to use their cute magnifying glass to read what’s in the album cover. cd-packaging-minute-papillon cd-packaging-minute-papillon-with-lens __________________________________________________________________________ Unified Manufacturing is an L.A. -based one-stop-shop that offers very affordable CD/DVD/USB replication, custom printing, promotional products, warehousing and fulfillment and many more. If you need an Instant Quote on a project and you want FREE SHIPPING, simply CLICK HERE.]]>

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