What promotional custom USB flash drives are best items at conferences and events?

You may be at a trade event, a conference, a meeting with clients or prospects, and may even just be thanking a customer for acquiring your service or buying your product but you can already promote your company with USB flash drives while you’re at it. With promotional USB flash drives on your hands, you may as well call yourself ready for war. Flash drives are very much popular right now, with their ability to keep files and those things being small and easy to carry around, they can be the perfect giveaway. They can be saved with videos that can help promote your company and can even be customized to match anything related to your business.

Below are some of the options for promotional custom USB flash drives.


This right here can be used for those eco-friendly organizations promoting their  cause or just any company, really, who wants to go a bit eco-friendly. Made with cardboard material, it will clearly show your stand on the environmental issue. When added with a logo, it’ll be perfect. Don’t worry about quality. These flash drives, no matter how fragile they may look, have been proven and tested to be 100% durable.


With its unique camera design, people would surely notice and remember your brand. This flash drive can help companies selling cameras, dslrs, etc. and shops that offer services for photo capturing and printing.


Here’s another one! And this one’s not just for chocolate companies, amirite? Almost everybody loves chocolates! So you can give this as giveaways to customers buying for your special events like anniversaries, Valentines, weddings, birthdays or any special event that can be sweet!


For make-up companies, this will be a great promotional flash drive option. You can also try other make-up products as designs like compact powder or eyeliner. The ladies will love it!


This one will be a very great way of promoting cars so it’s great for car companies and those related to transportation. With these car key designs added with the company’s logo, it would look very very realistic and suave. Possible customers visiting your branches might even consider buying if you gave them these and put a promotional video inside.


This would be very eye-catching for people who are into the medical field. Med schools and hospitals can promote their institutions through these medicine capsule USB flash drives. You can even add a video containing the benefits they’ll be experiencing and receiving if they choose to enroll or patronize the school or hospital. And, of course, medicine companies!


These flash drives will be a good promotional item for those companies who offer wooden furniture to their customers. With an engraved logo and company name, possible customers might just decide to buy from your company.


This bracelet USB flash drive is really a handy one. You can just wear them everywhere you go. This will be very good for accessory companies, running marathons, sports events…actually, it can be good for any event or company. This is a very generic customized USB flash drive since logos and company names can be printed into them without having much of a thought for a connection with the design. You can also print your company’s tagline on the lanyard since you have a lot of space.

So there you have it, folks. These are some of the most recommended promotional USB flash drives for events. But of course, design isn’t everything. What counts more is what is inside. You can load them with digital or printable coupons, video promoting your company, posters, brochures, and a lot more. So watchu waitin’ for? Go and make your own design for your promotional hard drives. Then call us once you’re ready. Or you know what, call us even before you’re ready. We’re here to assist you with your USB flash drive manufacturing needs.