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What are the most popular promotional custom USB drives for bands?

Now that more and more musicians are trying to find new ways to package their music aside from the standard jewel CD, they’ve been coming to us asking if we there’s such a thing as USB flash drive replication and whether or not we do them. And of course, YES, WE DO! 

We’ve been doing USB replication and promotional usb flash drives since flash drives were first invented. Well okay, it’s a bit of an exaggeration…maybe after a day or two. We 100% recommend them to our musician friends and new clients. Not only are they cool to look at, you can put a lot of stuff in the USB albums like music videos and posters. You’ll be spoiling your fans with your music and digital goodies! Plus, did we mention that they look cool?

Here are some of the most popular promotional USB flash drives that musicians and bands order from us:

#1 Drop cards aka USB Music Cards

USB music cards are our bestseller. What makes them super cool is that they’re slim and they have a good space for artwork. They’re handy but not too small that we lose them easily (if you’re like me who frequently loses their thumb drives) plus we can just put them in our wallets like a regular card. Check out these USB music cards we made.

#2 Cassette Tape-designed USB Flash Drive

A mix of old and new that those of us from the 80s and 90s would surely find delightful. What could make your USB album stand out so that you won’t mix it up with the other work-related flash drives, that would surely scream there’s music in it? Yep, this. And let’s face it, if you’re a musician, at one point, you’d want to have your music on tape. 

#3 Regular Rectangle Flash Drives in CD Jewel Case/Digipak

Many still order the classic rectangle flash drives and then put them in other music cases and packaging– either in a digipak or in the case of GD G-DRAGON gesigneerde SOLO 3rd album, a CD jewel case. I guess the reason is to make the impression that it is indeed music and not just any random flash drive.

#4 Music flash drives in unique custom designs

This is generally more expensive and time-consuming to make but it’s worth it for Special Editions. We did not make the ones below by Radiohead and The Beatles but we can certainly come up with any USB design you need. 

Takeaway: If you’re aiming for something cost-efficient but still classy, go for the more basic flash drives like the USB Music Card or the rectangle USB flash drive. If you want to really stand out and you’re prepared to spend money, then go ahead and make a music flash drive in unique custom design.

Don’t for get to put it in good-looking USB Flash Drive packaging or in a badass box set. 





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