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8 K-pop Albums with the Prettiest CD Packaging

The Koreans are really good at marketing their stuff and we should learn from them. K-pop probably produces the best CD packaging and vinyl record pressing in Los Angeles. Here are some of the cutest K-pop CD packaging: f(x)’s Pink ...
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8 Impractical But Totally Pretty Blu-ray Box Sets and Packaging

Sometimes, we just want to throw away money on special edition blu rays just because we can. And just because we really, really love these films and we want to remind ourselves (and our guests) that fact by displaying them in ...
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5 Tips on Conceptualizing Your CD Packaging

It isn't as easy as finding a good image for your CD artwork, it requires a lot of thought and creativity if you really want your CD packaging to be impressive. It would be a pity to have really great ...
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Music Packaging: VÄG’s 70s Vibe Vinyl Packaging and Merch

Yes, their name is VÄG, and yes, they know what it means. But in Swedish, VÄG means road, which is the former name of this psychedelic rock band. Their double entendre name appears on band swag (most popularly on their ...
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9 Clear Vinyl Records That Are Just So Stunning

Crystal-clear vinyl records look so neat that you'd want to show them off to your grumpy father-in-law so he'll start loving you. It's no wonder they're usually the #1 choice for special editions. The clear disc has a bad reputation ...
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8 Impressive CD Mailers and CD Folders

If you need to mail a CD or DVD, you might as well put it in something beautiful (yet still sturdy, of course!). Here are some of the best mailers and folders to impress your recipients: CD wallet This is ...
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The 5 Most Common Challenges Every Musician Face and How to Handle Them

Every musician, whether a beginner or someone who's been around for decades, has met and will meet a thousand hurdles in trying to make a successful music career. In fact, if you're a musician and you're not experiencing nerve-wracking challenges ...
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Elaborate Black and White Vinyl Packaging Designs

There are so many creative ways to release your vinyl today. You can have colored vinyl, splattered vinyl, metallic vinyl, vinyl with crazy stuff in them and picture discs. That is why it's also a good idea to come up ...
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8 Design Secrets to Achieve Really Attention- Grabbing Packaging

Designing a media packaging whether it's a CD/DVD case, USB box, vinyl sleeve, or special box set that contains all of the above and some merch, is equal parts art and science. It has to attract your target market but ...
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CD Packaging: Pyramid-shaped CD cases

What we love about the pyramid-shaped CD packaging is that it instantly stands out yet it's not that expensive to make. Not at all! It's probably one of the cheapest ways to come up with a creative box set without ...
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