, 7 ways to personalize your custom t-shirt packaging

7 ways to personalize your custom t-shirt packaging

We like designing and printing really creative custom t-shirts but nothing makes our hearts more giddy than a well thought out t-shirt and t-shirt packaging. If the t-shirt matches the packaging to a T, we find ourselves smiling…because this means there’s still hope for humanity. That good design for things as simple as a t-shirt still exist. If you’re a musician trying to make your merch or a business owner who wants to sell a few tees, here are some easy and affordable ways you can personalize your custom t-shirt packaging so they’ll impress even the snobbiest customer:

#1 Add a little drama and excitement to the packaging

, 7 ways to personalize your custom t-shirt packaging

Adding something a little unique and interesting the design or overall concept of your packaging is the best way you can personalize your custom t-shirt packaging. Think of packaging ideas you think will surprise your customers like t-shirt packaging that makes the unwrapping process a little challenging thus making it exciting (but not difficult to open because no one wants this kind of hassle). Go beyond the box or the plastic bag.

#2 Make your t-shirt packaging reflect your brand

Base your design idea on the kind of business you have or your brand. Many successful businesses have already used this. One example is Johnny Cupcakes, a clothing line company that sells cool shirts. They have packaging that looked like ice cream cans and had their t-shirt’s visible part looking like an ice cream twirl. They also had a packaging the same with the packaging used for baked goods because they claim themselves as “The World’s First T-shirt Bakery”.

, 7 ways to personalize your custom t-shirt packaging

You can also have something like this. If you’re in the music industry, you can have a vinyl jacket, like those for vinyl records, as the packaging. You can also have a mini guitar case box as a custom t-shirt packaging for orders that surpass one t-shirt. If you have a pizza business and have t-shirts as a merch you can also have a pizza box as packaging, 

#3 Promote Using Eco-friendly Items

, 7 ways to personalize your custom t-shirt packaging

If you are an organization that promotes the saving of the environment or a business that aims to promote the use of eco-friendly items, then you’d want this. Even businesses that do not have any relation with the promotion of saving the environment can opt to have this kind of eco t-shirt packaging. You can go with packaging that uses paper/ cardboard paper, or maybe bamboo cases/ wood rolls. Using eco-friendly packaging can have positive responses from people as some customers may favor your business among others as it addresses an environmental issue.

You can also go with packaging that uses cloth.

, 7 ways to personalize your custom t-shirt packaging

As long as the packaging can be reused then that would be a great way to promote your advocacy. You can also have compostable bags. Unlike plastic bags, they are made of natural plant starch and thus do not produce any toxic material. A good thing about this packaging is that it doesn’t cost much.

#4 Have a Minimalist Packaging but do it well

Grand doesn’t mean good. Sometimes simple and minimalistic design ideas can look better (and it’s most likely more economical too). You can have simple packaging that can still attract people and make them go “wow!”

An example of this could be having that string pouch as the packaging. You can have cheaper but still durable material for that, with your business logo and maybe a unique inspiring quote printed on the front. A bonus point here is that the pouch can still be used by the customer for other things. You can also have cardboard paper packaging since it is of cheap price and can still be minimalistic. 

# 5 Add freebies like buttons, patches, and music cards.

, 7 ways to personalize your custom t-shirt packaging

After thinking of a design for your packaging, you can now think of what freebies you can add in the packaging that will go with your packaging’s theme. You can have pins, patches, or stickers added in as freebies, and have customized designs based off of your packaging idea. You can also add freebies that relate to your business like customized guitar picks, or coasters. These are very affordable items that are less than a dollar but would be loved by fans.

#6 Add a Thank You Card or personal note

, 7 ways to personalize your custom t-shirt packaging

Don’t just add any thank you card, add a personalized one that may say “Thank you, Bam”, “You just saved a turtle! Thank you Jackson.”, or “Thank you for loving our music, Mark!” This can be a very memorable item to them and they might want to order from you again. Gratitude can really touch people’s hearts and can develop intimacy and loyalty.

#7 Engrave, print, or embroider your customer’s name on the packaging

, 7 ways to personalize your custom t-shirt packaging

If you’ve decided on having collectible packaging like tin cans and wooden boxes, might as well go the extra mile by engraving their names on them. These cans can be engraved with the customer’s name, making it more personalized than ever. Another example is the bamboo case, you can have your customers engraved on it too. You can also print your customer’s name on bag packagings, like those string pouches, or on those vinyl jackets or mini guitar case boxes. Just  like the thank you card, this will really catch customer’s attention as it will look and feel like limited edition items.


James Hill is a veteran of the music industry. He first worked at Warner Reprise Records then later joined Interscope/ Geffen Records where he managed producers and songwriters and got his first platinum record for Keyshia Cole’s The Way It Is. He is now helping indie artists with branding and manufacturing through his company Unified Manufacturing, a CD/DVD, vinyl pressing and merch company in LA.

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