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10 Awesome USB Flash Drive Packaging

You wouldn’t put a really good-looking USB drive in a boring USB flash drive packaging, would you? You’ve given it your best so you better go all the way! To add a bit of personal touch to your custom USB drives, make sure you would not put them in a generic USB case or else it would look “factory made.” Place them in these awesome USB Drive cases.

Eco USB Box
USB Flash Drive Packaging box

If you want to have that nature-inspired look to your USB flash drive packaging, this is it. Perfect for weddings and events.


USB Drawstring Sack Bag
USB Flash Drive Packaging sack bag

Another option is this weaved drawstring bag. More laidback than the one above.

USB Pop-up Cardboard Case
USB Flash Drive Packaging cardboard box

This USB packaging is pretty straightforward and sleek. It’s one of the most affordable, too.

USB Deluxe Wooden Box
USB Flash Drive Wooden Box

Classy as classy goes. If you really want to impress and you have some money to spare, this is it baby.

USB Gold Bar Case
usb CD case gold bar

I love how royal this is!

USB Flash Drive Packaging bookmark

The simplest one here but not technically a packaging but who needs a case if USBs can be “dressed” this way?

USB Square Tin Box
USB Flash Drive Packaging tin box

You want your USB flash drive to be really protected? Put it in this cute tin box!

USB Paper Envelope
USB Flash Drive paper packaging

For thin USB flash drives, put them in USB envelopes.

USB Canister Case
USB Flash Drive Case glass

The best types of packaging match the contents, just like this USB flash drive with a “twig” usb that’s inside a matching USB packaging.

USB Elegant Box
USB Flash Drive Package

And here’s one if you want to put other cool goodies aside from your USB flash drive.

Do you have a favorite USB flash drive packaging on this list? We can make one for you!

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