5 reasons fans love custom merch, Top 5 reasons fans love custom merch

Top 5 reasons fans love custom merch

Merch are customer magnets.

Well, so long as your merch items are awesome, they will be attracting fans, casual listeners, and the general public.

And because of this, it goes without saying that your mech is also attracting them to your band and your music.

But why do fans love custom merch, really?

Well we got five reasons why.


5 reasons fans love custom merch, Top 5 reasons fans love custom merch

One of the main reasons fans buy merchandise from their favorite music artists is because they know they’ll be the few people who’ll have it in their possession.

This is very much obvious with those limited edition and fan exclusive versions of a merchandise.

You can take advantage of this and release both standard and limited editions of your custom merch.

Your physical albums are still merchandise so if you plan on releasing in CD duplication, then you can maybe add a photo book featuring unreleased photos.

If it’s on vinyl records, then maybe have unique custom colored vinyl records for the limited edition.

With its exclusivity, fans feel a sense of accomplishment if they get to buy or find one. It’s even more fulfilling if they fought for it and got it among the many other fans wanting to have it too.

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5 reasons fans love custom merch, Top 5 reasons fans love custom merch

Aside from being an exclusive item to have, they are also a memento for the fans.

It’s a souvenir of some kind for the time and money they spent on their fave musicians.

After years have passed, they might look at these merchandise as a happy memory of when they were fangirling or fanboying together with friends on an artist.

Since you can also sell merchandise during tours, you better prepare a different line for it.

If you’ve just released an album along with a merch line, you can sell those unsold stocks together with the new merch line for the tour.

This will be your fans’ and tour goers’ keepsake for a fun and memorable experience with you.

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5 reasons fans love custom merch, Top 5 reasons fans love custom merch

Of course, people have their favorite musicians and they would love to support them.

Another way they can show their support aside from going to their gig, is to buy their merch. Thanks to musicians releasing their own merch, these fans have the means to support them, if they can’t go to their gigs.

This is a show of support because money is a very crucial element to go on and succeed in this type of career.

With fans buying your merchandise, you can have better revenue, thus having more money to use for the continuation of your career.

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5 reasons fans love custom merch, Top 5 reasons fans love custom merch

Because of merchandise, fans find each other in the most unexpected of places.

This creates some kind of bond, making them a community of people or a group of friends that love a certain band or artist.

The best merch type for this purpose would be those wearable ones because they can be used and worn wherever and whenever.

When you go to your university, when you’re chilling in a cafe, when you go shopping , and more.

Since they’re big and definitely on display, they will get the attention of fellow fans.

Once one makes contact with another, there might be friendship that will spark and the rest would be history. With merchandise, your fans will be well connected and stronger.

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5 reasons fans love custom merch, Top 5 reasons fans love custom merch

Last reason would be the merch being more personal and creative than when they’re the usual standard ones.

With your customization of the merch, fans would be able to see your creativity as well as your personality.

Additionally, custom merch is almost always original and unique so they’ll always be caught by surprise by what you’ll have for them for each release.

Check out our custom merch.

You see? Merch releases are more than just marketing tools and money drivers.

They’re also a way to satisfy your loyal fans and casual listeners.

So I suggest you take your fans’ opinions and preferences into account when designing your merch items because to them, it’s not just a shirt or a pin or a sticker, it’s something that represents YOU!


James Hill is a veteran of the music industry. He first worked at Warner Reprise Records then later joined Interscope/ Geffen Records where he managed producers and songwriters and got his first platinum record for Keyshia Cole’s The Way It Is. He is now helping indie artists with branding and manufacturing through his company Unified Manufacturing, a CD/DVD, custom vinyl records and merch company in LA.


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