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CD Packaging: Celer, Opitope (Spekk)

CD Packaging: Celer, Opitope newspaper

We here at Unified MFG are obsessed with beautiful CD packaging. We’ve been making creative releases since 2008 and lovely packaging has become an obsession of ours. We even have a Pinterest page dedicated to all things media packaging. If you want to make a really badass album with cool CD packaging, get a quote or shoot us an email.

Artist 1-4: Opitope; 5-10: Celer
Title 1-4: “Physis”; 5-10: Zigzag
Label Spekk
Year: 2014
Design 1-4: paintings by Shinji Miyazawa; all: design by Mondii
Music: Electronic, ambient, ethereal, reflective.

The CD packaging is a CD digipak with painting artwork, wrapped in Japanese newspaper. The design of these two new releases feature a slightly changed format that is more square and solid. It’s a little larger than a standard CD jewel case and although significantly smaller, it feels more like a gatefold 7″ single sleeve. As a result it has a real sense of presence.

CD Packaging: Celer, Opitope digipak

Spekk’s founder Nao Sugimoto said:

I wanted to change the packaging as the old one didn’t feel fresh anymore, and plus the former packaging was just too expensive. I thought about using regular digipaks because that way, I can release more without thinking of the budget, but that didn’t feel right either as the point of this label is to run by pure passion.

CD Packaging: Celer, Opitope artwork

CD Packaging: Celer, Opitope discs


CD Packaging: Celer, Opitope disc artcd packaging, CD Packaging: Celer, Opitope (Spekk)

cd packaging, CD Packaging: Celer, Opitope (Spekk)

cd packaging, CD Packaging: Celer, Opitope (Spekk)


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