AI music tools for every musician, AI music tools for every musician

AI music tools for every musician

AI is changing everything—even music. There has been, of course, some resistance from some but let’s face it—the use of AI music tools cannot be stopped.

So what’s the best course for musicians like you?

The answer is “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

Setting aside the arguments about stolen art and whatnots, AIs are a great tool to use to improve and hone your artistic skills as well as improve your work performance.

Start by getting to know some AI tools for musicians, and see how you can maximize each one of them without 


As a musician, music production is a skill you have to keep improving.

Also, music production can dry out your brains at times.

Here are three AI tools you might want to give a try. They might help inspire you or maybe replenish your music producing juices.


AI music tools for musician

Amper Music is the perfect choice for musicians like you who’re just getting started with their path creating music with AIs.

It only requires a minimum amount of input from you to create a unique and original piece of music.

Additionally, it has an abundance of tools you can use to tweak the resulting music’s tempo, structure and instrumentation. What’s even better is that there’s no pre-created material or licensed music used in their creation which helps avoid legal problems.

Since the AI is now under Shutterstock, you will have to get a subscription from them.

And the cheapest subscription you can have for you to use Amper Music would be their FLEX Subscription plan which is 29 USD.


AI music tools for every musician, AI music tools for every musician

Ecrett, unlike the previous one, doesn’t need any musical input at all.

You just need to choose the Scene, Mood or Genre you want, click the “Create Music” button, and then you’ll have your very own soundtrack. You can apparently use the same settings and get a different music every time.

This AI is better used for creating music for video games, videos, and podcasts, though Amper Music can be used the same way.

Just like Amper you won’t be worrying about licensing issues since it uses a royalty-free generator.

Moreover, you can customize the instrumentation and structure of the generated music. You can change the melody, backing, bass, drum and many more with just a few clicks.

#3. AIVA

AI music tools for musician

Much like the other AI tools previously mentioned, AIVA is a music generator that’s free from copyright and licensing issues.

Moreover, it is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

It can generate music both from scratch and from existing songs.

And it offers numerous presets and specified music formats which allows you to generate songs with differing genres and styles.

There are three plans offered for its services and if you want to own your music forever with the full capability to monetize them, then you might want to subscribe to their Pro Plan. But if you just want to try them out, then there’s a Free Plan that will cost you nothing.

To help you decide better, here’s a table that compares the three music producing AI tools:

Free Version Only allows generation of music Trial version for 30 days Allows generation and download of music and is free forever
Paid Version Can use design tools License No credits, Copyright, Monetization
Minimum Cost of Paid Subscription 29 USD 4.99 USD 15 USD
Maximum Cost of Paid Subscription 29 USD 14.99 USD 49 USD
Music Creation Needs input from you From scratch From scratch or existing songs
Music Editing Allowed Not allowed Allowed


AI music tools for every musician, AI music tools for every musician

Aside from music producing, songwriting is another skill that musicians need to improve.

Good music needs good lyrics so to brush up your songwriting skills and get you past your writer’s block, we’ve listed down three AI tools for you.


AI music tools for musician

Jarvis, unlike Iron Man’s, is not an all-around AI, however, they can be really helpful to songwriters. It gives lyric suggestions based off of any chosen artist, genre, title, or lyric prompt.

The goal of this AI tool is not to finish up a whole song, but to supplement, inspire and improve your lyrics. So after it generates lyrics, you can cut some lines and start from there or use it to continue your own.

If you want to try it out, you won’t have to worry because they offer free trial for its subscription plans.

What are you waiting for?


AI music tools for musician

One difference between These Lyrics Do Not Exist and Jarvis is that it does not generate lyrics based on a lyric prompt from you. It uses data (i.e., topic, genre and mood) to create a whole song complete with verses, pre-choruses, choruses and a bridge.

It’s a simple tool that only needs you to type in the topic and choose a genre and mood.

The six genres you can choose from are country, metal, rock, pop, rap and EDM. And the five moods are very sad, sad, neutral, happy and very happy. After choosing you click “Generate My Lyrics” and you’re done.

If you’re not in a hurry to finish a song, then you might want to try using this songwriting tool. There’s no need to pay for this tool, it’s free forever.


AI music tools for musician

Boredhumans has tons of AI pages you can access and utilize for free and one of them is their Lyric Generator. Same as These Lyrics Do Not Exist, this one’s completely free for you to use, no need for a subscription.

All you need to do is to type in a topic of your choice and a style or musician’s name that you want your lyrics’ style to mirror.

Then you click “Submit” and wait for 20 to 30 seconds for the whole lyrics to be generated.

Here’s another table to summarize the pros and cons of the three songwriting AI tools:

Free Version Free Trial Completely Free Completely Free
Paid Version 4 Subscription Plans None None
Minimum Cost of Paid Subscription 2.99 USD N/A N/A
Maximum Cost of Paid Subscription 44.99 USD N/A N/A
Data Needed Chosen Artist, Genre, Title, Lyric Prompt Topic, Genre, Mood Topic, Chosen Style or a Musician’s Name

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Thanks to these AI tools, musicians are less burdened. And don’t worry, you can still be creative!

If anything, it just helps you get more creative easily.

AI have greatly helped musicians overcome creative burnouts. So it’s not all that bad eh.


James Hill is a veteran of the music industry. He first worked at Warner Reprise Records then later joined Interscope/ Geffen Records where he managed producers and songwriters and got his first platinum record for Keyshia Cole’s The Way It Is. He is now helping indie artists with branding and manufacturing through his company Unified Manufacturing, a CD/DVD, custom vinyl records and merch company in LA.

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