Custom stickers printing, Custom stickers printing: All the different kind of stickers to choose from

Custom stickers printing: All the different kind of stickers to choose from

Stickers are a great (but ultra cheap) merch to add to any musician’s merch table. So you gotta have custom stickers printing for your next release.

They’re a great add-on to the more expensive shirts and tumblers you’ll be offering to your fans. It’s something they can easily buy for their friends (and even to their enemies).

It’s also a good promotional merch given that they are adhesive and can be stuck onto almost any surface, though it still depends on the type of sticker you have.

This article will be all about stickers and the options you can choose from to achieve the perfect stickers you want.

It’s a somewhat long list so we hope you’re ready.


The first thing you will have to decide on in regards to stickers would be the materials they will be made of.

Here are three main materials you can choose from for your custom merch sticker.


paper custom stickers printing

Paper stickers may just be the cheapest option any sticker printing business will be able to offer you.

It’s not very durable since it will be susceptible to water, but it can be written on. It can also be laminated with a matte, gloss, or glitter finish.

#2. PET

pet custom stickers printing

PET is the abbreviation of the polyester’s chemical name, polyethylene terephthalate.

It is better than paper since it’s waterproof making it a far more durable material than the other. It will be pricier, though, so if you want the durability then you’ll have to remember that.


Custom stickers printing, Custom stickers printing: All the different kind of stickers to choose from

Vinyl is at the top of the sticker material hierarchy.

It’s waterproof and withstands extreme climatic conditions and high temperatures (-40 to 80 degrees).

It has different types that results in a more embellished look for the stickers.


Custom stickers printing, Custom stickers printing: All the different kind of stickers to choose from

There are holographic vinyl sheets where your sticker printing company can print your designs to.

The final result after the printing and the cutting is the picture above and if you try to move it, the sticker will change in the colors it reflects.


Custom stickers printing, Custom stickers printing: All the different kind of stickers to choose from

Another type is the reflective vinyl which reflects light similar to a road sign. It’ll be visible even when there is low light or when it’s shined on.

It’s a great material to use for car stickers so why not try designing for one and let your driving fans parade it around for others to see.

Glow in the Dark

different kinds of stickers printing

Unlike reflective vinyl, glow-in-the-dark vinyl will be visible even if there is no light. It’ll glow green just like the sample above making it a great bedroom decoration.

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Next thing to think about is the finish you’ll want to have for your stickers. These laminations are only applicable to paper stickers, though.

This is done using a laminator with a sheet of the finish you want to have.

#1. FOIL

foil custom stickers printing

This foil finish gives the sticker a metallic look. You can choose to have gold, silver, bronze and other colors that are available.


glitter custom stickers printing

The glitter finish gives the stickers a sparkly look.

If you’re going for a sparkling or elegant vibe for your merch items, then this finish would suit your purpose.


gloss custom stickers printing

Gloss finish is the usual finish done on paper stickers; it shows a shine when moved around under the light.


Custom stickers printing, Custom stickers printing: All the different kind of stickers to choose from

The gloss finish can be a bit overrated so if you want, you can try to have the matte finish. It gives off a soft, satin, and non-glare look.

#5. UV

uv custom stickers printing

Last is the UV finish which helps protect the sticker from the sun’s UV rays, allowing the stickers to be more durable.

This lamination can be done together with other laminations so you don’t need to worry about choosing just one.

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Three-dimensional stickers are much more fun compared to two-dimensional ones, if you ask me.

They’re much more eye-catching and much more high quality. Here are two of these 3D stickers:


custom stickers printing

The domed stickers are created using a clear liquid polyurethane poured onto a flat pre-printed sticker.

These are then left to dry and then they’re ready. It has a shiny look that makes it look sophisticated and high-end.


puffy custom stickers printing

Next is the puffy stickers which are commonly used for cutesy cute and colorful stickers, just like the examples above.

If you’ve got a cute or child-like concept going on, then this would be a great choice for your stickers.



Last on our list is the format on how you will sell or present your stickers to your fans.

There are a total of four different formats and I’m pretty sure you’re very familiar with them.


die-cut custom stickers printing

First is the die-cut format where the sticker is cut following the edges of the design, taking on the shape of the design.

This can be borderless or not, it depends on you. But most vinyl stickers would be cut like this, just so you know.


kiss cut custom stickers printing

Next, we have the kiss-cut.

Unlike the die cut, it has a backing that does not take on the shape of the sticker’s design. You will have a stack of square or rectangle shaped sheets no matter the shape of the sticker.


custom stickers printing

Then we have the sheet format which is much like the kiss-cut format.

The difference between the two is that it has more than one sticker cut on the sheet. If you have more than one sticker design, then this would be a great format to choose.

#4. ROLL

Custom stickers printing, Custom stickers printing: All the different kind of stickers to choose from

Last is the roll format where the stickers are cut in what looks like a tape.This is not the most ideal format given that each roll would be best to hold one design only.

However, you can ask your printing company if they would allow you to have more than one design on one roll. I think that’ll cost you, though, so choose wisely.

And that’s the end of it!

Contact us if you want some stickers printed!

I bet you’ve got some ideas or choices already. You better make that into a reality and order now.


James Hill is a veteran of the music industry. He first worked at Warner Reprise Records then later joined Interscope/ Geffen Records where he managed producers and songwriters and got his first platinum record for Keyshia Cole’s The Way It Is. He is now helping indie artists with branding and manufacturing through his company Unified Manufacturing, a CD/DVD, custom vinyl records and merch company in LA

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