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CD Manufacturing: All About ID3 Tags

First, what is tagging? The process of including information other than sound into these digital audio files is commonly referred to as "tagging" in which you "tag" the audio file with additional information that describes the audio file. What is ...
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kanye west my beautiful dark twisted fantasy album cover 4

CD Packaging: Kanye Reveals 5 Alternate Album Covers

Do you remember Kanye West's album art drama? That seems like very old news but apparently, the guy is still not over it (maybe not until Nov 22, the official album release date...). He used the CD Packaging 'controversy' to ...
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DVD Packaging with HANDS

Horror films love hands in their movie posters and DVD artwork. Hands can show struggle, pain, anger, and desperation. And as we all know, hands are used to slice, chop, and strangle among others.  Here are movie posters and DVD ...
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Indie Musicians: “Grunt Work” is What Building Your Music Career is All About

Replace Your Misconceptions As a consultant and educator, it’s my job to replace your misconceptions about the music business with a dose of business savvy. It’s not surprising that so many artists don’t have a clue about how much grunt ...
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P money 03

CD Packaging: P-Money Everything

This CD artwork took more than 350 hours to complete. It is constructed from styrofoam, balsa wood, coloured paper and cotton wool which were shot as part of a diorama. (Check 'the making' below) Inspired by the many sample tracks ...
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The 3 Musts of Promotional Products

Don't simply print your band name on a piece of shirt just for the sake of having promotional items. You have to give good attention to your promotional products in order for it to be effective. Be strategic and smart ...
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Roadside bum ... dont get 006

Indie Musicians: The Dos and Don’ts of Touring

Touring is so much fun! Well, as long as you never complain. Or go to the toilet. Or eat. The Guardian's Indie Professor made a fun but sensible list of the do's and don'ts of touring. This list is by no ...
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irsc.20134354 std

IRSC Code- What is it, Why you need it, How you can get it

What is an IRSC Code? The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC), is a standard that every musician, record producer or any sound recording copyright owner must follow in order to have their works tracked and get paid with royalties. ISRC ...
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murmur close vinyl

CD Packaging: 12 Brilliant Typographic Album Art

Here are 12 albums that use type (letters) as the album art. No glossy portraits, no bling-bling, just letters made into artwork. Brilliant! Zipper Catches Skin by Alice Cooper What you get here is just the lyrics from the album ...
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3 Ways to Convince People to Sign-up For Your Mailing List

I cannot recall signing up to a mailing list ever! Not for my favorite products, or favorite authors, or favorite bands. That’s because I’m anal and I want my inbox free from unnecessary marketing e-mails as much as possible. Whenever ...
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