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How to Promote your Show: When and Where to Flyer

This article is a guest post written by Chris "Seth" Jackson and originally appeared in his website How to Run a Band. For more great tips about running a band, you can check out on his facebook page and follow ...
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8 Eye-Popping Pop-Up CD Packaging & DVD Packaging

If you love films and music and you like owning beautiful objects made out of paper, here are some CD and DVD packaging that will make your eyes pop. Flight of the Conchords Pop-Up CD Packaging One of the coolest ...
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Music Marketing: 5 Things to Give Your Fans This Christmas

Gak! It’s Christmastime once again? How did 2011 pass by so fast? It feels like there are just 3 months in my year. But anyway, tis the season to be jolly- not feel old and sullen. I bet some of ...
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CD Packaging: Mark Fry/The A. Lords – I Lived In Trees

The CD packaging of Mark Fry's "I Lived in Trees" album comes with a packet of Rowan tree seeds. How awesome is that! Since their title is "I lived in trees", then they must've thought 'hey, why not give away ...
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10 Essential Apps for the Touring Band

Aren’t we just so lucky to be living in a decade where there’s an app for everything? Thank you, Stevie, Bill, and the rest of the gang. How truly comfortable our lives are today compared to the beeper and walkie-talkie ...
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DVD Packaging: Fellowship of the Ring Gift Set

If you're a LOTR fan, you'd want to get your hands on this Lord of the Rings DVD packaging. It's something that deserves to be admired from afar...sort of like a museum piece! TITLE: The Lord of the Rings: The ...
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Photography & Marketing: How NOT to Write Photo Captions

I’ve viewed lots of photography websites and I noticed that most of them miss out on one very important marketing tactic - putting photo captions. Some do not even have, at the very least, captivating titles for their photographs. Take ...
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Blu-ray Disc & HD DVD Production (Video Tour)

Let's visit Imation's Discovery Center and learn the step by step process of Blu-ray Disc production. We here at Unified are obsessed with beautiful CD packaging. We’ve been making creative releases since 2008 and lovely packaging has become an obsession ...
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Movie Marketing: 6 Films That Effectively Used the Web for Viral Promotion

Thanks to the internet, movie marketing has become more creative, fun, cheap, and doable by many. Unlike before when budget was the biggest factor for movie marketing, now its mainly about how kick-ass your idea is. On the internet, there's ...
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CD Packaging of the Week: 123 Jump!- Jive Talk

This interactive CD package was designed for Jive Talk's latest album '123 Jump!'. To enhance fans' experience with the band, we created an online animated experience using Augmented Reality and Quick Response codes. Fold the CD packaging to form the stage ...
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