t shirt packaging society 27

T-shirt Packaging: Society 27

We here at Unified are obsessed with creative t-shirt packaging. We’ve been making creative releases since 2008 and lovely packaging has become an obsession of ours. We even have a Pinterest page dedicated to all things media and merch packaging ...
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shake hands

Album Artwork: Why you shouldn’t let your friend design it for free.

If it’s your first time to make an album, and especially if you’re an indie musician, you want to cut costs as much as possible. And so you think of ways to get free services and think of professional friends ...
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238057530273467997 xYSu6mdv c

10 Awesome USB Flash Drive Packaging

You wouldn't put a really good-looking USB drive in a boring USB flash drive packaging, would you? You've given it your best so you better go all the way! To add a bit of personal touch to your custom USB ...
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0007 SOF brandt cd logo

Die Cut CD Packaging: Someday- Erik Brandt

We love this custom Die Cut CD Packaging - simple and very soothing to the eyes. Just staring at it can remove a bit of stress from your day. The artwork has a blue blotch that looks like a little ...
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peekaboo 7

ECO: How to Recycle Paper for your DIY CD Sleeves

To make paper, there are three steps that T'sai Lun, huge papermaking machines and modern handpaper-makers alike follow.  They are: preparing the material from which you will make paper, forming the sheet and drying the sheet. What You Need deckle ...
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white vinyl records

White Vinyl Records. Gotta love them!

I love white- white chocolate, white clouds, white polo shirt, white choco mocha, white carpets (as long as it's not mine and I'm not responsible if it gets dirty). White just looks so clean, fresh and... milky. Stalked Erik Peterson ...
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Using the Latest Online Marketing Methods for Your Trenchless Business

Tips for Managing Your Monthly Newsletter

According to the study published by eMarketer.com, email was still the medium that people most used to share. And I do not question their findings. Personally, I  pay more attention to promotion and marketing that I find in my e-mail than in the ...
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creative dvd packaging

DVD Packaging: Cardboard Clapper Board

A working, cracking, snapping clapper board! Within this lies a cinema style pack that slides open on either side just like at the start of the movies. Showing off a DVD video showreel & a snazzy booklet with pro shot ...
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transit cardboard2

4 Cardboard Cases for Your DIY CD Package

If you want to make your own CD package and you want it to be a bit eco and very cheap, here are the best cardboard cases you can use: Cardboard Package with Snap Cover Dan Cottrell in collaboration with ...
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wine cork flash drive1

8 Charming Wedding Flash Drives

It's almost 2013. Are you still using DVDs for your Wedding Photography business? Not that we hate DVDs. We love DVDs and lovely DVD packaging... for films. But for more precious things such as wedding pictures, a personalized USB flash ...
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