Unique CD Packaging- You can Smash it to Relieve Stress!

Break It is a body and mind relaxation kit that contains a meditation CD. The wonderful thing about this CD packaging is that before you can check the goodies inside, you have to literally break it. So flex your muscles ...
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apps for filmmakers

25 Useful Apps for Indie Filmmakers

Here are some of the best iPhone and iPad apps for making films without blowing your budget: ___________________________________________________________ Screenplay Writing ___________________________________________________________ Screenplay Black Mana Studios’ Screenplay is the world’s first fully-functional mobile screenwriting application. It allows professionals and hobbyists alike ...
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Arkham City Collectors Edition

The Most Kickass Collectors Edition Video Games Packaging

Video Games Packaging have become prettier and prettier over the years as more and more gamers are willing to buy them. I'm no gamer-- in fact, I do hate games because I believe they promote laziness and violence. Yes, I'm ...
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increase blog traffic jpg 630x600 q85

2011 Music Sales Report: Album Sales Up for the First Time in 7 Years!

2011 is indeed a great year for music. Vinyl sales continue to go up, overall physical album sales declines 5%, but this is significantly less that the 19%decline in 2010. Oh yes, people. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. Here ...
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Weezer blue album

Be Strategic With Your CD Artwork (or How Weezer Uses CD Packaging Effectively)

Before we talk about CD packaging, let me first convince you why branding is necessary for musicians. Some of you might wonder why you need to create a marketing plan when your music should be the only basis for your ...
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screen printed album invitations4

Creative CD & Vinyl Invitations

Are you a music freak who's about to celebrate your 25th birthday? Or, are you about to get hitched to a person whom you share your love for music? You can learn to die-cut and DIY your packaging or let ...
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new years resolutions 300

10 New Year’s Resolutions a Musician Should Make

As I sit here in the No Man’s Land between Christmas and New Year my Facebook feed is currently dominated by bands. This is the case most of the time, but at the moment almost all of them are posting ...
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5 Rules for Making a Creative DVD Packaging

For me, you don’t have to throw big bucks for your DVD packaging production for it to become the talk of the town. Some of the most flamboyant DVD packaging have the lamest concepts. Sure, there’s a bigger chance you ...
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Madonnas Publicist on Gaga Gaga Did Five Times More Than Madonna Did

Indie Musician: What Publicists Need From Musicians

Anne Leighton handles publicity and music services for a range of master musicians including up-and-comers Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius, Mike Keneally, KJ Denhert, Emily Hurd, Jann Klose, plus classic artists Vonda Shepard, Jethro Tull, Tower of Power, and many others. She ...
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money mark brandnew cd

Music Packaging Roundup 2011

Bosco-Spectrum Gold bubble wrap for this golden girl's promo EP. Shidlas- Saliami Postmodern The CD is vacuumed like real salami and the sticker with contents is like it would be from a meat shop. Money Mark- Brand New Tomorrow The ...
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