The Band Called Out For More 1

CD PACKAGING DESIGN: Gabby Young and Other Animals – The Band Called Out For More

We here at Unified are obsessed with beautiful CD packaging. We’ve been making creative releases since 2008 and lovely packaging has become an obsession of ours. We even have a Pinterest page dedicated to all things media packaging. If you ...
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t-shirt merch printing

T-shirt Merch 101: Conceptualization,Printing, & Marketing

We've been talking about t-shirt merch printing and promotional items for years now. To help you save time, we decided to compile these articles so you only have one place for everything t-shirt printing and packaging related. A quick read ...
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USB card

Custom Promotional Flash Drives: 9 Styles to Choose From

There's only one style of Promotional Flash Drive...eons ago! Today, anything can be turned into a USB flash drive. Heck, even a refrigerator can become a USB Drive if there's a market for it. They have  transformed from boring, rectangular ...
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Bookshop Band merch 3383

10 Must-Bring Merch for Your Band Tour

If you have a band and it’s your first time to go on tour, first of all...congratulations! Now chop chop and make sure you have these merch ready for your tour: 1. CDs, of course! They say CD is dead ...
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girl with dragon tattoo box set

55th Grammy Nominees for Special Limited Edition Package

It's Grammy season once again! Let's go to our most favorite section of all- the Special Limited Edition package! Woohoo. Here are the nominees. We love the first one. Icy cool and to the point. Which one is your bet? ...
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taylor deupree faint 5

Music Packaging of the Week: Taylor Deupree – Faint

Artist: Taylor Deupree Title: Faint Label: 12k Year: 2012 Designer:Taylor Deupree This CD packaging for Taylor Deupree's Faint looks a bit...(err) faint but I find its minimalist style very appealing. Its box looks like it's stained by coffee or watercolor ...
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smart goals

How to Really Achieve Your Goals in 2013

It's that time of year again where we buy planners and make New Year's resolutions and set life-changing goals. I'm sure you have plenty of goals for your band in 2013 and you can't wait to make them happen.  This ...
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custom tees

Unified 2013: Four Really Awesome New Products & Services

Happy New Year to all! 2012 was the busiest year for Unified and we'd like to thank all of you for it, especially to you who takes the time to visit our blog and share some of our posts. Thank ...
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Graphic Design Tips

Why Design and Print Your Own CD Case?

If you have a small project and you want to make your own CD packaging instead of having them done with a CD replication company like ours, then we suggest you do it right. Technology has made it possible for ...
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iStock 000020118483 Medium

The Ins and Outs of CD Duplication

Despite the digital shift, when a new album comes out, countless fans still flock to the stores or go online to buy a physical copy of the music. Thus, CD duplication is not a dead art. In fact, artists worldwide ...
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