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20 Unconventional Album Release Gimmicks That Totally Rock

When you want to stand out, when you want to be talked about, you gotta have album release gimmicks. Don't just make CDs in regular CD jewel case and digital downloads like the rest of the regular guys. No siree! ...
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17 Famous Martin Atkins Quotes on Music Career

Martin Atkins is a former drummer of PiL, Pigface, Ministry, Killing Joke, Nine Inch Nails and more. He's also an accomplished entrepreneur and a bad-ass DIY music marketing guru. Atkins has taught at Columbia College in Chicago where he instructed the course ...
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17 Creative CD Disc Art Designs

There are so many ways to get creative with your CD disc art to give your album just a bit of oomph. Here are some of the most creative CD disc art designs we've found on the net. Tell us ...
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Mistakes Indie Musicians time management for artists

24 Common Mistakes Indie Musicians Make (by Industry Pros)

No matter how awesome we are, we still have blind spots and learning the most common mistakes indie musicians make can help us make better choices for our music career. TIME MANAGEMENT Not investing enough time into building your music ...
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21 Conceptual DVD Packaging Designs That are Hard to Ignore

In the internet age wherein every movie can be easily downloaded online, who wants to spend money on buying bulky DVDs? No one. Except maybe if you're a family or friend of the filmmaker, you don't care about how you ...
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Biggest List of Music Licensing Companies from A-Z

Abaca Entertainment Group- Represents a catalogue of fine quality recordings from a roster of artists/bands & songwriters from Canada, USA, Australia & U.K., along with various smaller record labels - featuring ALL styles of music. APM Music - APM is made up ...
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12 Take-Out T-shirt Packaging Designs

Sometimes, how you package your tees is as important as the actual tee. Especially if you are trying to create a brand. Now you don't have to spend boatloads of money on your t-shirt packaging because that would make your ...
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6 Things You Need to Know About Self Releasing an Album

So you want to release a record without the help of any label? You want to be the captain of your ship where no one dictates what direction you should go or what "uniform" to wear. Every band is doing ...
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The Biggest List of Film Festivals in the US: A must-have for every Indie Filmmaker (Oct-Dec)

And now we give you the 4th part of this ultra long list of Film Festivals in the US. We hope you find this useful. If you want to get an Excel file of the full list of film festivals ...
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The Biggest List of Film Festivals in the US (July-Sept)

So...let's move on to the third instalment of our Biggest List of Film Festivals in the US, shall we? Without further ado, here it is folks! The list of film fests from July to September 2013. If you want to ...
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