thermochromatic CD packaging

Three Materials that Add Oooph to Your CD Packaging

Running out of ideas for your CD packaging? Instead of going crazy with your graphics, why don't you put a twist to the materials you use. Here are some materials that could add some oomph to your CD packaging. Thermochromic ...
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CD Packaging: Todos Somos Niños- We’re All Children

This is one of the most creative and fun CD packaging I've seen in a while. It's something you'd want to have with you while you're on an 8-hour train ride because it gives you something to do. Punching holes ...
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Badass Bands and their Pink Vinyl Records

Pink vinyl records look as sweet as candy that's why it's interesting that a lot of rock bands choose them for their albums... and they look so cool! If you're a metal/punk/rock band, you're likely "locked" in the colors black, ...
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The Price of Not Paying Your Crew

A month ago, Amanda Palmer got a lot of bashing from her fans and people who don’t even know her  when she, once again, turned to her fans to ask for some help on her tour. She put a call ...
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food USB designs

12 Food Inspired Flash Drives

Get ready to sink your teeth into some delicious food USB flash drives! USB flash drives are now quickly becoming the medium of choice of companies and artists to put their artworks and promotional items. And why not since everyone's ...
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The Ear Nose Throat and Plastic Surgery Associates Central Fl Voice Care Center

Six Thing to Avoid For a Better Singing Voice

If you sing for a living or you just love to preserve your lovely voice, here are the things you should avoid. All of the things listed below are almost impossible to avoid completely so the next best thing is ...
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kettlebell kickboxing series

DVD Duplication: KettleBell Kickboxing Scorcher Series

We did the DVD duplication of Kettlebell and we're so proud to show it off! We here at Unified are obsessed with beautiful DVD packaging. We’ve been making creative releases since 2008 and lovely packaging has become an obsession of ...
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authenticity tips

Strive for Authenticity, not Originality.

While watching classic films last night, I can’t help but envy those directors and writers who were born earlier. I mean, in their time there were still very few films and filmmakers. If they were born today, I thought, I’m ...
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DVD Packaging: Cardboard Houses

Is your film about a haunted house or asylum or school? Or, do you own a real estate company and you're looking for a great way to package your giveaways? Then I bet you'll find these custom DVD designs helpful ...
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DSC 4559

Unified Makes Vintage T-shirt Packaging for Beatles- inspired Tees

Los Angeles, CA (Sept 5, 2012)--- Unified Manufacturing was approached by Caulfield Apparel and English Laundry to make 2,000 pieces of t-shirt packaging that looks like an old vinyl (LP) jacket for their limited edition Beatles t-shirts.  Caulfield and English ...
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