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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Band Name and Why You Should Copyright It

Who would have thought that finding the perfect band name could be a pain in the ass? Your job was to make beautiful songs, not come up with a witty, unforgettable, easy-to-remember but unique band name. All of this fuss ...
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Meet The Dodds Sisters, Queens of CD Package Design

Shauna and Sarah Dodds, the creatively inclined badass sisters from central Texas whose focus is on roots music, have been nominated for Grammy Awards in four of the last five years. They joined forces in 2004 to form Backstage Design Studio. Concentrating their early ...
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Album Releases That Took Music Packaging to a Whole New Level

Now that everyone prefers to download their music, creative releases is a must for artists who want to convince their fans to buy the hard format. It also sets them apart from the rest who just settles for CD jewel ...
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2016 Album Packaging We Can’t Stop Thinking About

Album artwork is a very crucial part in a music release because not only will it give the initial impression of what the music is going to be like, it also establishes the identity of the musician. And especially now ...
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5 Life Changing (But Easy) Resolutions For Any Type of Artist

It's almost 2017! Can you believe it? We still can't. However, we have to let this sink in soon because another year requires another you. A completely new you. Now this is not just some motivational thingie, it's actually scientific ...
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15 Splattered Vinyl Records That Are So Hypnotic You’ll Have No Choice But to Buy Them

Vinyl is back and it's back with a bang, splash, clunk, splatter! We've come to a time where custom vinyl records are not just being bought for music, they're bought for their aesthetic appeal, too. After all, if it's just ...
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9 Album Artworks That Know How to Rock Portraits

Most CD album artworks feature the artists' portraits and some are just soooooo boring. They are merely photos of the artists, without much concept behind the photo. When you're selling your CD, vinyl record, or merch, you're not merely selling ...
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Branded Content: How OK Go Rakes In Money By Promoting Brands

Have you seen OK Go's latest video [One Moment] that's shot in 4.2 seconds and put in slow motion? It's such a visual delight and have been viewed millions of times since it was posted. You might wonder, how does OK ...
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5 Music Networking Efforts That Could Backfire

They say that it's not WHAT you know but WHO you know that matters the most. As much as we want to believe otherwise, it's partly true. Talent is cheaper than table salt save for some prodigies and geniuses, so ...
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List of Networking Hacks for Musicians

8 Awful Ways Artists Deal With the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Rejection Letters If you just received a rejection letter, it’s alright (in fact recommended) that you respect your feelings. If you feel down, by all means go ...
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