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Increase Sales of Your T-shirt Business in 10 Days

You've pretty much given it all you've got but your t-shirt business is not taking off? What's wrong? You thought setting up a t-shirt business is easy. And you know what? It is. What's hard is running a t-shirt business ...
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2016 Best Record Package Grammy Nominees (and The Winner)

In this day where everything is digital, you might think that hard format is irrelevant. But we would like to believe that that isn't the case. We're not naive though. We know that CDs are not selling the way they ...
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Love by Marco Argiro 2

Music Packaging of the Week: Love by Marco Argiro

Creative Agency: BLOK Creative Directors: Vaishnavi Mahendran, Zarko Dumicic Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Marco Argiro Location: New York, USA Packaging Contents: Music CD & Vinyl Packaging Materials: Paper We here at Unified are obsessed with beautiful vinyl packaging ...
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8 Awful Ways Artists Deal With the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Rejection Letters

Sending applications, even just the simplest non-life-altering ones, can be addictive. It gives us an illusion that our dreams are just within our reach, and can be achieved in just a few clicks. For every application we send out, we ...
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SpeedMedia Partnership

7 Film Distribution Hacks That Will Increase Your Distribution Success

#1 Define your goal The first question I’d ask of yourself is what is your goal in distribution? Is it to make money?  Is it to get accolades? Is it to get the film the widest possible audience? These things occasionally coincide, ...
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Simple Self-Promotion Tips Every Artist Must Follow

Don’t think of it as promotion. And while we’re talking about “promotion,” let’s consider calling it something else. Like “sales,” the word “promotion” can cause us to get caught up in fear-based stories around money, value, perceived bragging, or competition ...
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T-shirt Packaging So Unique You’d Wan’t to Buy Them All

If you’re selling t-shirts and you want to really stand above the rest, do not just package it in what everyone else is packaging shirts (which is probably just regular plastic bags). Packaging your t-shirts in really cool packaging like ...
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Tips on Selling More Merch From Musicians Who Always Sell A Lot During Gigs

It's not enough that you have catchy designs for your merch, you have to know how to sell them! Here are some tips on how you can maximize gigs to boost your merch sales from artists who are selling merch ...
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Unique Wedding Invite Ideas (From Cigars to Balloons)

Now that anyone can just send wedding invites through email, Facebook and apps, less and less people are sending paper invitation cards. Some find paper invites redundant. They won’t even open them anymore! But what if you really want to ...
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product packaging design

10 Golden Rules for Packaging Design

Packaging design is deceptive sometimes, especially for those new to product design. It seems so simple but there are so many considerations for a packaging design to work. Not only should the packaging be able to contain the items safely ...
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