film festivals USA

The Biggest List of Film Festivals in the US (July-Sept)

So...let's move on to the third instalment of our Biggest List of Film Festivals in the US, shall we? Without further ado, here it is folks! The list of film fests from July to September 2013. If you want to ...
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The Biggest List of Film Festivals in the US: A must-have for every Indie filmmaker (Apr-Jun)

Here is the second installment of our big list of Film Festivals in the USA. If you want to get an Excel file of the full list of film festivals in the USA (Jan-Dec) complete with location, e-mails, fees, and other notes, ...
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film festival

The Biggest List of Film Festivals in the US: A must-have for every Indie filmmaker (Jan-Mar)

We decided to break our list of film festivals in the US into four because we don't like to make a really long blog post. If you want to get an Excel file of the full list of film festivals ...
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exercise yoga

6 Main Reasons Why You Must Make a Fitnesss DVD Today

If you’re a fitness instructor or a business man wondering if there’s room for one more Fitness DVD in Walmart, the answer is a big, bold and booming YES! During the recession, the fitness DVD industry flourished like an epidemic ...
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SWSX 477x410 copy

What is the difference between AQ Finish compared to others?

When you ask most printing companies for the best finish, more often than not, they'd tell you it's AQ finish. What the heck is AQ and why is it such a popular choice of most printing houses? AQ finish or Aqueous ...
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wooden cd cases

10 Elegant Wooden CD Cases

If you're looking for an elegant CD case or CD packaging for your wedding CD invite or promotional CD,  nothing beats wooden CD cases when it comes to elegance. Great for wedding CDs, collector's edition DVDs, and other special CDs ...
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custom cap printing USA

Kinds of Promotional Caps & Hats- What’s Best for your Promotions?

There are so many kinds of caps and hats it's difficult to decide the one that's best for your company or event. Especially if it's your first time to make custom caps. Sure you can just choose any cap (in ...
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custom t shirt tin cans

T-shirt Packaging: TIN CANS

The compressed shirt in a can is not only a very,very awesome idea for promoting your custom t-shirts line or event, it is also ideal for shipping because of its small size and ability to withstand abuse during transport. Here ...
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stage fright1

Tips for Musicians: 13 Ways to Combat Stage Fright

In an interview with Connie Chung, Andrea Bocelli was asked, “When you perform on stage, are you nervous?" Bocelli responded, “Oh, it's difficult to explain how much. I have big, big stage fright.” Even the most famous musicians like Elton John and Andrea Bocelli still experience performance anxiety ...
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15 of the Most Creative Corporate Brochure Designs

Companies with creative brochure designs are a few thousand steps ahead of the competition. Corporate brochures are a great way to market your company because it instantly reflects your brand-- your core values, your personality, what you're about. If done ...
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