cd packaging, 5 Tips on Conceptualizing Your CD Packaging

5 Tips on Conceptualizing Your CD Packaging

It isn’t as easy as finding a good image for your CD artwork, it requires a lot of thought and creativity if you really want your CD packaging to be impressive. It would be a pity to have really great music yet the packaging does not match its greatness. But it doesn’t have to be that hard, either…if you follow these steps before even opening your photo editor.

#1 Don’t just think about the CD. You have to think about your website, Facebook page, IG account, merch, your persona, and everything else. If you’re releasing a new album, conceptualize for everything because you have to create new images and copy that you would post everywhere to create a unified campaign.

#2 What is your story and what is your album’s story. Think of your band’s story. Identify your story as a band. Are you boho band who mocks your own style and has simple tunes? Then this should reflect on your marketing materials including your CD. Some musicians can surprise us by doing something totally “out of character” but they’re only able to do so because they’ve build a brand. How else could we know that they’re doing something different? Basically, when conceptualizing your CD packaging, ask yourselves the ff: 1.) What kind of band are we? 2.) What’s the attitude of our new album? 3.) Are they a good match? How can we blend the two together?

#3 Brainstorm with an art director. If you’re having a hard time with #1 and #2, or even if you aren’t, it’s best to hire an art director to help you supervise and unify your vision. It’s worth it.

#4 Consider how much fans are willing to pay. Are your fans mostly college students and fresh grads? Factor that in when thinking about your packaging.

#5 Consider where you’ll display them, how they’ll be stored and transported. Are you gonna carry them around during your gigs? You’ll have an easier tour if you don’t carry around plenty of CDs in huge packaging. Maybe a thin CD wallet would be perfect for you. Easy to stack, store, and carry. However, if you’re selling limited edition CD on your website, then make sure it’s worth the title of “limited edition” by making it prettier than usual. And since you just display them online, there’s no need to worry about stackability and all of that.

Enjoy the process of making your CD packaging. It’s one of the fun parts of releasing an album. And remember, we’re here to help you every step of the way!


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