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6 Reasons Photographers Love Wedding USB Flash Drives

Are you a photographer and you want an article to convince you that it's time to do the switch from DVDs to wedding USB flash drives? Well, this is it. As you may know, we do DVD duplication as well ...
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Six Factors that Make a Packaging Awesome

If you want to impress your fans, make sure you got an impressive packaging. Because content matters a lot, but it's not all that matters. An awesome packaging can make them feel like they're getting more bang for their buck ...
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CD Packaging: Where Did The Night Fall- UNKLE

A CD packaging so sleek with a metallic touch, that's what this CD package of Unkle's "Where Did the Night Fall" is all about. Artist: UNKLE Label: Surrender All Album: Where Did the Night Fall Package Design: James Lavelle, Ben Drury and Warren Du ...
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CD Manufacturing: How to determine the number of CDs you need

`No musician wants to make 5,000 CDs only to let half of it sit in the basement to gather dust. We don't want to waste money by overestimating the number of CDs we make. Here are some questions to guide ...
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Album Artwork: 11 Elegant Black & White Vinyl and CD Packaging

If you want a classy, cant-go-wrong vinyl sleeve artwork, go for the classic black and white album artwork design. Black and white record sleeves, digipaks and CD inserts are not only more affordable than colored ones, they also look more ...
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Practical Tips on Balancing Your Music Career with Everything Else

“Is it possible to raise a family well, maintain a high-paying job and have a career in music?” "Of course!" says many struggling juggling artists. But it is not for the weak. It means less sleep, less time with the ...
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millennial musician

Five Things Millennial Musicians Don’t Get

Millennials (also known as Gen Y-ers) are those born in 1980 up to the 2000s. We're known to be narcissistic, impatient, entitled, tech-dependent, lazy job-switchers who think we deserve the big things without putting much effort. In two words: spoiled ...
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7 Ways to Use Promotional Flash Drives For Marketing

Giving away cool promotional flash drives would give your clients, fans and friends the impression that you’re innovative and that you’re willing to try new things to make them happy. Here are some ideas when you can use flash drives ...
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Minimalist CD/DVD Packaging That Pack a Punch

Einstein once said that everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. I don't know if he's talking about design, but then again he said EVERYTHING, right? Well, here are CD/DVD packaging with minimalist designs that are ...
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music marketing tips

Music Marketing Tips from the Industry Pros

Whether you're  still at the beginning of your music career or you've been around for quite some time, you will certainly find these music marketing tips useful. Here are some of the most important music marketing tips from the music ...
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