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Time Management for the Extremely Busy Musician

If you want to make a career out of your music, you should know by now that as an independent musician, making music is just one part of it. You have to juggle it with a lot of things from marketing, booking, designing merch, attending meetings, accounting and a lot of other tasks not directly related to music. As an artist who’s just starting out, all of these things could be overwhelming especially if you have a day job.  We hear a lot of musicians complain “But I just want to make music!”and I can totally understand this feeling of exhaustion not just by musicians, but for any artist who aims to have a real career. If you’re too busy with all other things and you simply have no time and energy to do the things you need to do in your music career, don’t go crazy just yet. Here are some of the ways you can manage your time if you’re an extremely busy musician:

Every productive person here on Earth makes lists. Get a good notebook and find the nicest list app that you can find. Every night, write the things you need to do for the next day and once you wake up, read your list. Also make lists for your monthly tasks and important events. Making lists will not only ensure that you are reminded of the things that you need to do, it also psychs us into thinking that we are actually organized beings, therefore it makes us feel goal-oriented and we become it.

Let a Virtual Assistant handle your web presence so you don’t have to handle all your blog posts, twitter updates, and e-mails all the time. Sure, it’s very important that you personally answer e-mails and comments. However, there are many online duties that you can let an assistant do for you like finding memes to share or replying to basic inquiries.

Facebook is such a time sucker yet we just can’t help it, right? Sure you can say that you need to log in to reply to your followers, etc but I can bet my last dollar that you’ll always spend more time than necessary on Facebook. If you add all the time you spend on Facebook in a month, it would possibly total to one whole day. Instead of spending so much time on Facebook, do other things that can help you improve your craft. You can surely use 24 hours of self-improvement to level up your career.

Everything can be done online or on the phone so there’s really no need to meet in person in most cases. Before you set a meeting, ask yourself if it can’t be done online. You can all Skype or just chat as long as everyone is paying attention. This way, not only will you save time, you’ll also save plenty of dollars since you don’t have to travel and pay for everybody’s food.

Do not overload yourself with tasks. That won’t make you a hero, that would just make you a very stressed task-hoarder. Learn to trust your band mates and have a fair share of the pie. Just look for each others’ strengths so you’d know which tasks suit who best.

Remember that being extremely busy doesn’t automatically mean you’re bound for success.

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