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Indie Musicians: Top 7 Musicians Discovered on Youtube

Youtube has become a platform for ordinary people to express themselves and showcase their talents. Anyone with an internet connection, a camera, and a good, rock-solid talent can show the world what they’ve got without spending money or having the right ‘connections’. That is the very basis of its slogan “broadcast yourself”. At this point, […]

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Indie Musicians: Promotion for Indies

Press Release Let a publicist or a writer create a press statement for your band and your new album then submit it to radio stations, newspapers, magazines, blogs, tv shows, and what have you that might entertain music press releases. It would also help if you already know a journalist since he would surely plug […]

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Indie Musicians: How to Find a Distributor

You should condition yourself that finding a distributor will not happen fast. It’s a lot like applying for your dream job. Even if you do your best with the press kit and everything else, you should also bear in mind that these people get a LOT of letter and packages in their office everyday thus […]

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20 musicians designed their own album covers art

Art album covers illustrate how musicians often have a hand in creating these iconic visuals that go hand in hand with their music. This article is a list that dives into the world of 20 artists who decided to take the reins, showcasing their artistic talents alongside their musical prowess. From hand-drawn masterpieces to conceptual photography, […]

10 musicians who made it big through tiktok

It has been almost seven years since TikTok was launched, and it has cemented itself as THE viral-maker platform creating these so called TikTok musicians. Each day, artists and content creators are churning catchy content…and many careers have been launched like that of our client Petey, who rose to fame during the pandemic because of […]