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Music Merch: Best Types of Merch to Sell Right Now if You Have a Band

We know the classic merch items are a must. The band shirts, the posters, the …but you know what would make your fans dig their pockets and buy your stuff? If you give them something really original or something really useful. Here are some of the hottest merch to sell right now:


Patches are HOT merch items right now. Well, they’ve always been around but they faded out as new merch items emerged. However, they’re now back with a vengeance. What’s cool about patches? They’re easy to make (hey, we even give FREE patch design because it’s not that complicated), they’re affordable (around $1 a piece) yet you can sell them for a much higher price. It’s a cool merch item to give your fans and supporters. Indeed a must-have!


Like the band patches, band buttons are also a classic but sometimes, musicians tend to skip this. They’re missing out on a lot of opportunities to get a few dollars! If you’re a musician, make buttons. Please. Do not skip this because fans who can’t afford your $30 hoodies would still want to get a little souvenir from you.



If you’ve been streaming your music or selling music downloads, then how about putting them in a flash drive. No, these USB music cards aren’t that expensive. Give it a try. You can make 30-50 at first and if they get sold out, you can always reorder. You and your fans will love it because you can put many other stuff in the USB card aside from just music.


Well yeah, we said band hoodies are quite expensive but many people still want to buy them. They’re the kind of merch that kids are willing to save money for.


Custom band toys and minifigures are a thing but if you find it too expensive to make, there are so many options for you to come up with a toy merch that’s still affordable. A voodoo-doll inspired toy, for example. You can use fabric with a print of your face like this Donald Trump voodoo doll.


Music USB Cards are cool but you can’t do anything else with them. That’s why custom wearable flash drives are now a thing. Put your music and other freebies in the USB bracelet like this or you can put them in wearable USB necklace, wearable USB rings, or even a wearable USB shirt if you want to give them something a little unique.

In case you’re wondering if we do any of these things, YEAH-HUH, yes we do. Check out our portfolio and the list of merch items we offer on our website. 


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