kpop marketing, Music Marketing Tips We Can Learn From Kpop Bands

Music Marketing Tips We Can Learn From Kpop Bands

How did Kpop bands become super popular to the point that they can compete with American artists in Grammys and Billboard? You may be a CEO of an entertainment company, an idol promoter, a music fan, or even a mere citizen of this world, but I am sure you’ve entertained this question once even for just a second, right? Who wouldn’t? They’ve been gaining popularity all over the world for almost 2 decades now, and they are continually doing so. So we go back to the question, how did these Kpop bands become so popular? What’s the secret? Well after having my research I’ve found some tips that singers and bands like you can learn and try.

#1: Be connected with your fans. This is the first and the most important of all. Without fans, you and/or your band will never reach that popularity. Kpop bands value their fans like family. They set up fan meetings and fan events and idols even give fan services to please their fans. Fans are the most important factor in popularity because they will save money to buy your CDs, concert tickets, merchandise and more. They can also become your promoters. How? Its because fans will always want other people to know their idols and what other way can they help than to promote their idols themselves right? Fans who are treated well by their idols and are shown appreciation for their continuous support become energized and will feel that they are needed and will result in them staying as fans forever. Kpop fans also have monikers. People who love GOT7 are called IGOT7 or commonly known as Ahgase, while those who support BTS are called Army. Fans of Blackpink are called Blinks while Twice’ fans call themselves Once. Making a name for your fans will make them feel more solid, united and loved. Who wouldn’t, when your beloved idol or band make a name for you and your fellow fans and call you as such right?

#2: Make social media accounts to market yourself or your band. As we all know, we are in the computer age. Whatever we do and wherever we go, social media is always a part of it. Kpop bands and its members have their own accounts on social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter, where they can upload their music videos, updates on their comeback promotions, concert ticket selling and even their updates on daily life. With social media marketing, you can reach other people from all around the world, without having to tour around the world. Making your own account helps you communicate with your fans and this will be a very vital factor to your popularity. For with a simple tweet or post about your day, fans will somehow feel that they know you more and will feel closer to you.

#3: Share teasers, trailers and behind-the-scenes. Of what, you might ask? Of course, it’s teasers or trailers of your album promotion and behind-the-scenes of your album making and music video. Korean pop idols share almost everything with their fans on social media. Videos and pictures of them when they are at home resting, at the back of concert stages doing stretchings and vocalization, in music awards accepting, well, awards, and even when they are traveling. Teasers and trailers just like in movies excite the hell out of fans. It makes them anticipate more for your music. The behind-the-scenes makes the fans feel like they are a part of the promotion or production of your music, they will see the sacrifices you’ve made to give them amazing music, and this will touch their heart more.

#4: Focus first on promoting yourself or your band. Korean entertainment companies concentrate first on building their idol group. They make sure that their idol groups are always seen and heard around the world. After the groups are established and well known by everyone, they start to collect their profit from concert ticket sales, album sales and merchandise sales of the group. By securing yourself a spot on the map, or in other words have a strong and big fan base you can already earn money by making and selling your albums, selling original merchandise and selling tickets for concerts you’ve organized.

There you have it guys! These are some of the secrets, but not so secret, strategies of how Kpop bands rose to popularity. I hope you’ve learned something and will be trying them out when you decide to become an artist or form a band of your own. But before trying out these tips, you need to remember first that being yourself will always be the best strategy to acquire fans and gain popularity.

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