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Marketing Mistakes That Almost Everyone is Making

You might think you’re doing great with marketing your stuff, but I am certain you’re committing at least one of these marketing mistakes. Read up and correct the way you market while there’s still chance. Here are some of the most common marketing mistakes committed by even the marketing experts:

Talking (or tweeting) about yourself non-stop. You know how annoying it is when you talk to someone about something very important to you and after a minute, they’re able to switch the focus to themselves?

YOU: I just got a call from Good Morning America and they said they’ll give me a shot!

FRIEND: Awesome. I remember what it’s like to get a break. Mine started this way…blah blah, blah.

Annoying, isn’t it?

If you’re only talking about yourself as if you’re the most important man in the Universe, if you’re promoting your stuff non-stop as if it’s the cure for Ebola, if you keep posting photos/articles/reviews about you and pretty much nothing else, then you’re not fun to be with. People will likely hide you in social media or hide from you in real life. This does not apply to individuals only. This applies to companies as well.

Talking and talking but never listening. This is almost the same as the one above except that this focuses in forgetting to listen. We know how to explain and sell almost anything but we should also learn how to really listen. Don’t try to come up with retorts and interesting topics while someone is talking. Really be in the moment and stop thinking of something else when someone is talking.

The equivalent of this online is tweeting non-stop and not bothering to check the inbox.

Word Count Abuse. Some of us think that longer is always better, that longer means good quality. But in reality, most people have really short attention span. Keep your e-mails, statuses, blog posts, landing pages short and easy to read.

Being on Every Social Site. You’re spreading yourself too thin if you are active on every social media site. Just choose two that’s best for you and focus on creating and sharing good content.

Being desperate. When someone is clearly not interested in you or your business, do not beg or offer crazy discounts. Do not shove your products down people’s throats. Remember that in all areas of marketing, whether online or in person. Have class and people will be curious.

Forgetting Current Customers. We want numbers. We want to collect fans, likes, orders, followers. We want MORE! Always more! But in our pursuit the add more, we forget to take care of what we already have. Make sure you give importance to current fans and customers. Know how they’re doing, check if they’re still happy with you. Give them a call, send them an e-mail, a gift, a wave, a smile.

No Call to Action. You have a really convincing newsletter, e-mail, article but people are not sure what you’re promoting because you have no call to action? Total waste of opportunity.

Getting too hot then too cold. So you post 10 blogs a week for one month then all of a sudden you stop. You become too aggressive with your promotions then stopping cold turkey reflects a lot about your business. Set goals that you can meet. For example, instead of posting 10 blog posts a week, post one or two. The point is, show consistency.

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