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CD Packaging: GRAMMY Winners for Album Cover Design – 00's

2000 Art Director: Ray Benson, Sally Carns & Buddy Jackson Album: Ride With Bob Musician: Asleep at the Wheel

2001 Art Director: Kevin Regan Album: Music Musician: Madonna

2002 Art Director: Stanley Donwood & Tchocky Album: Amnesiac (Special Limited Edition) Musician: Radiohead

2003 Art Director: Kevin Regan Album: Home Musician: Dixie Chicks

2004 Art Director: Ani DiFranco & Brian Grunert Album: Evolve Musician: Ani DiFranco

2005 Art Director: Peter Buchanan-Smith & Dan Nadel Album: A Ghost Is Born Musician: Wilco

2006 Art Director: Aimee Mann & Gail Marowitz Album: The Forgotten Arm Musician: Aimee Mann

2007 Art Director: Adam Jones Album: 10,000 Days Musician: Tool

2008 Art Director: Zachary Nipper Album: Cassadaga Musician: Bright Eyes

2009 Art Director: Metallica Album: Death Magnetic Musician: Metallica


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