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GUEST POST: What Every Box Set Should Include

Zack Mandell is a movie enthusiast and owner of and writer of movie reviews about movies such as Saving Private Ryan. He writes extensively about the movie industry for sites such as Gossip Center, Yahoo, NowPublic, and Helium. _________________________________________________________________ ...
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Music Packaging: Grammy Winners for Best Limited Edition Package (2001- present)

Looking for inspiration for your music packaging? Here are some of the most adorable box sets that received Grammy Awards in the past decade. Which one do you like best? The Promise: The Darkness on the Edge of Town Story ...
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CD Packaging Disasters & How to Avoid Them

We want our album to have zero issues from recording to manufacturing. But, sh*t could happen any time. You could screw up your CD packaging by simply having your instead of you're or choosing a low res image. Here are ...
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40 Tools and Resources for Green Filmmaking

LOCAL GREEN FILMMAKING: AMERICAN UNIVERSITY'S CENTER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL FILMMAKING: Special programs and events in Washington, D.C. about shooting green. THE CALIFORNIA FILM COMMISSION'S GREEN RESOURCE GUIDE: A handy list for any production regardless of budget, including places to recycle your tape stock ...
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04.21.10 Some Friendly Reminders for the Frustrated Job Seeker

Simple Habits That Hinder Your Success

Do you believe that some people are just plain lucky? That they get all the success in the world even if the rest of us also exerted plenty of effort- even more effort than they did? Is this just the ...
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CD Packaging: Foreign Slippers- Farewell to the Old Ghost

There are just some CD packaging designs that would make you go "woah, why didn't I think of this before?" You envy the designers a little because the music packaging is just beyond extraordinary. Well...this is one of them. Foreign ...
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Record Labels: Know the Basic Terms

Do you know what a 360 deal means? What about mechanical royalties? It's time to know the basic terms record labels use so you won't look stupid and you won't make stupid mistakes. This list comes from two great sources- ...
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T-shirt Packaging: Society 27

We here at Unified are obsessed with creative t-shirt packaging. We’ve been making creative releases since 2008 and lovely packaging has become an obsession of ours. We even have a Pinterest page dedicated to all things media and merch packaging ...
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Album Artwork: Why you shouldn’t let your friend design it for free.

If it’s your first time to make an album, and especially if you’re an indie musician, you want to cut costs as much as possible. And so you think of ways to get free services and think of professional friends ...
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10 Awesome USB Flash Drive Packaging

You wouldn't put a really good-looking USB drive in a boring USB flash drive packaging, would you? You've given it your best so you better go all the way! To add a bit of personal touch to your custom USB ...
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