product packaging design

10 Golden Rules for Packaging Design

Packaging design is deceptive sometimes, especially for those new to product design. It seems so simple but there are so many considerations for a packaging design to work. Not only should the packaging be able to contain the items safely ...
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7 Interactive Posters and Sticker Ads That Demand Attention

If you have posters, you better make it interactive to really create an impact. You have to come up with an idea that incorporates the location (streets, inside the malls, floor, ceiling) so that the poster or sticker ad is ...
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5 Famous Design Copyright Infringement Cases

BAIO VS JAY MAISEL Baio, a web developer, paid photographer Jay Maisel more than $32,000 settlement over a copyright infringement claim. The case stems over the cover art for the album Kind of Bloop, a chiptune remake of the Miles Davis ...
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planted seeds 1


This Katy Perry CD packaging can actually be good for the environment. The idea was to plant flower seeds in your garden while listening to Katy's Prism album. For deluxe editions of her 2013 album, Prism, Katy Perry included packets ...
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music performance concert

How Not to Be a Boring Musician When You’re Onstage

As a musician, you'd be thinking...we're here to play music, not make people like us or worse, make people laugh. However, if you're doing a concert, you are officially an entertainer. People go to you not just for music, but ...
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t-shirt merch bag

Creative Bags to Package Your T-shirt Merch

There are many ways to package your custom t-shirt merch but if you're selling tees, might as well put them in creative bags. Not only will your customers find it useful, you'll be able to spread your brand. Plus, they'll ...
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glitter vinyl record

7 Creative (and one icky!) Vinyl Records

Here are some of the most creative and unusual vinyl records ever released in the 21st century. We therefore conclude that there is absolutely no limit when it comes to designing vinyl records. GLITTER VINYL RECORD The 7″ EP from ...
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datarock transucent red 650 80

Five of the Most Elaborate Music Releases Ever

Today, when everything is downloadable, you have to be creative with your music release to get people to dig in their pockets and give you cash. You can release in a kick-ass CD packaging, custom USB sticks, or vinyl pressing ...
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How to Make it as an Indie Musician in 2016 and Beyond

You might complain that it's so hard being a musician today but the opposite is true. It's actually much easier than the previous decades. For instance, if you want to learn how to play the guitar, you can simply go ...
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print 15

Minimalist CD Box Sets that Look so Divine

Box Sets don't have to be over-the-top and bulky to catch people's attention. In fact, they can be very pleasing to the eyes if they just have a simple design. But remember: Simple, not simpler. Here are some of the ...
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