great gatsby vinyl 2

The Grooviest Movie Soundtracks on Vinyl

Soundtrack Vinyl records are what movie and music fanatics are currently crazy about. For some of us who were born before the internet, we miss the full experience of actually holding (and reading and smelling) the things that come with music- ...
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Common Problems Freelancers Face and Their Solutions

When you decided to go freelance, you thought it's the road to freedom. A few months in, however, you realize that there's no such thing as total freedom. You thought you got freedom from having a boss from hell but now ...
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colorful cd artwork designs

Colorful CD Artwork Designs That Kick Ass

When we hear the word colorful, we automatically think of fluffy things, candies, ponies and rainbows. However, here are examples of CD artwork designs that are colorful but are totally mature and classy. Whoever said colorful is tacky surely have not seen these ...
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creative brochure designs 02

7 Elements of a Good Brochure Design

If you're designing a brochure, you have one great responsibility in your hands because the company or organization relies on your expertise to help them get their business the leads they need to survive or flourish. If you're not yet ...
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contract for musicians

Must-Read Legal Tips For Musicians Forming a Band

IF THERE'S SOMETHING THAT'S NOT CLEAR TO YOU, DON'T SIGN! Contracts often run for long periods of time so don't be too cool (aka lazy) when reading it. Make sure you understand each word and each sentence. But it's so ...
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5 Reasons Why You Should Still Send Out Brochures

It's 2015! Who still sends brochures? Good businesses, apparently. Although websites are great for promoting your business, people are still charmed by good-looking brochures. Here are the reasons why you should have a brochure even if you already have a ...
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small business tips first year

Small Business Tips: Surviving the First Year

There are a millions of start-ups each year that do not go anywhere that is why the first year is really very crucial. What should you expect on the first year of your small business? What problems are you going to ...
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t shirt packaging boxes

T-shirt Packaging Boxes That Would Catch Anyone’s Eyes

When it comes to custom t-shirts printing in LA, the packaging should always be included in the equation. Tees are just tees but if you put them in really cool t-shirt boxes, they suddenly have more value. Here are some ...
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Six Examples of Band Press Kits That the A &R Reps Will Surely Love

As an indie musician today, you have to be a master of music but a jack of all trades as well. That means that aside from being a musician, you have to be an accountant, an event organizer, a social ...
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t shirt band printing

9 Tips for Designing Band T-shirts

Let the designers do the designing...and no one else! So you don't want to pay a designer because you think you can do it? Nothing too hard about it, right? Just sketch a cool thing that would possibly look awesome ...
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