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Where can I buy USB flash drives with cool designs?

The short answer is: Right here.

Here at Unified Manufacturing, we offer different types of USB flash drives with over 100 customizable designs that come in different shapes, forms and sizes. We get these flash drives from our trusted suppliers that offer very economical but great quality thumb drives. Then, with the help of our awesome design team, we print, etch and design your custom flash drives from the ground up. 

Here are some of the custom flash drives we offer:

USB Music Card

If you’re a musician who wants to release your album in a unique way, then the USB music card is what you’re looking for. You can choose the size (we offer 2GB up to a whopping 36GB), then we will load it with your music as well as all the stuff you want to share to your fans– digital posters, BTS videos, music videos, what have you. What’s great about the USB music card is that it is a modern way to release music but you’re still giving your fans something tangible– they can touch it, they can see it, they can carry it and show it off and keep it for life as a souvenir…just something streaming music could never ever do.

USB Business Cards

If you really want to impress someone, then don’t just hand them a business card…hand them your personalized USB business card. Put your awesome portfolio in it, create an intro video if you like…be as creative as you want. This works well if you’re in the creative field like if you’re a graphic designer, filmmaker, musician, and so on. Not only can you put your works in the USB flash drive, but you can also show your personality through the design of your USB.

Wearable USB flash drives

We make ring USB flash drives, necklace USB drives, bracelet USB drives, bags with USB drives…you name the item, we can put a USB drive on it. Seriously, we find ways. Wearable drives are cool because not only will you not lose your flash drive, you can also use it as a regular accessory to add more life to your get up. Who doesn’t want a 2-in-1?

Round Flash Drives

If you’re bored with the regular rectangle flash drive, why not go for a round flash drive this time? It would add more variety and life to your giveaways. If you’re a musician, you can even have a button band merch that doubles as a flash drive. That would be super awesome. 

Wooden Flash Drives

What’s lovely with the wooden flash drive is that you can carve it. This is great as giveaways for special events like weddings and other fancy gatherings. It exudes a more sophisticated look compared to plastic flash drives. Would look great inside a custom USB flash drive box.

Cardboard Flash Drives

Let’s get eco-friendly by making flash drives out of corrugated recycled cardboard. They’re totally light and works great as a promotional product.


And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can create any design you want! Yep, you read that right. We make custom flash drives from the ground up– may it be USB in a teddy bear, USB with a pen…we mean it when we say we can design and manufacture any custom USB flash drive.


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