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12 Smart Marketing Quotes and Why You Should Apply Them

Who cares about marketing? You should! Even if you have a very good product that no one can resist if you’re not marketing it, your business will not reach its full potential and it might even go down in no time. You do not have to do hard sell, in fact it’s a no-no based on one quote below. If you’re a young entrepreneur and you want to know the basics of marketing, read up. Here are some of the most intelligent marketing quotes and why every entrepreneur should apply them:

marketing quotes seth godin
Marketing quotes for entrepreneurs

Finding your niche may seem so cliche but it is not just a fad, it’s the standard procedure of establishing a good business. Niche is not “teenagers”, it’s “teenage boys between the ages 15-18 who love to skate.” But you might say, but it’s really for everybody. Trust me, it isn’t. Even a plain white shirt is not for everybody. You have to define to whom you’re selling to in order to develop your product better.

Marketing quotes google internet marketing

No matter how you spend all your money and time learning to “cheat” on Google, you will still not get to the top. Or if you do, you’ll sink to the bottom in no time because people are not doing it for you. Even if you hire 20 people to do magic everyday, you can’t beat the websites that are powered by people. Be organic.

best marketing quotes and tips

This one is true. You can sense when a marketing campaign is good when the customers don’t feel like they’re being shoved with a bunch of marketing stuff, desperate to get a sale.  It would feel like a good experience that would leave them curious and wanting for more.

branding and marketing quotes

Do not simply create products, create products that could help shape the nation. It doesn’t have to be very serious things like world peace, you can just do a little something to the environment by choosing environment-friendly materials and packaging.

vital marketing tips and quotes

There are some business owners that say, “let’s make a viral video!” but you cannot predict that anything could go viral. No one knows the exact formula! Sure, the ingredients are there but when mixed together, there’s no sure way of telling. Instead of focusing on “viral”, focus on value.

marketing research quotes

Research! You cannot just shoot for the moon without knowing everything there is to know about the moon. You need all the information you can get to come up with a smart plan of attack. If you don’t spend time and money on research, you’ll be wasting more money.

branding tips for entrepreneurs

You have to know your brand so well that you can summarize it in a few words. Keep it simple, direct to the point, and relevant. Remember what Einstein said, if you can’t say it in a few words, you don’t understand it.

Marketing quotes by Seth Godin

Do you already have a market? Why don’t you make products for these people instead of inventing products and building customers from scratch. You also have to focus on your customers needs.

marketing quotes
Marketing quote by Steve Jobs

You really have to be twenty steps ahead from your customers. Do not make them your only source of input for your products, you have to have a lot of in-depth and advanced research.

marketing tips for small business
Marketing tips for entrepreneurs

When thinking of a marketing plan, do not rattle away with how shiny your equipment and its other lovely features. Go straight away to how your product can solve your customers problems and why they need it. That’s how you should seduce them. And that should be your mindset when making your products.

advertising word of mouth
best advertising tips

Nothing beats word of mouth so you better make sure that whatever product you’re giving to your customers is absolutely of good quality because that’s how good businesses grow- satisfied customers convincing others who will then convince more people. It’s like a web. But if your product is unsatisfactory, nothing will grow. If your product is really bad, you’ll go down under before you can say refund.

advertising tips by stuart britt
advertising quotes and tips

Well, this one right here is the father of all marketing quotes. If you don’t want to spend a cent on marketing because you’re broke, then your business will not soar high. It will not be a reason that you would go bankrupt but you will not be able to maximize the potential of your business. If you’re satisfied with how things are going now, imagine if you really give importance to marketing.


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