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Top 5 Online Don’ts for Musicians

I’ve been paying attention to online promotion around the internet for years now and I can say that I know which ones are doing it right and which ones are not sensitive and sensible enough. Some artists are pleasant but some just have an annoying online presence, no? Although there are no strict rules for online promotion, here are some online don’ts that every musician should know.

Don’t overshare. Updating your twitter with petty, inconsequential tweets like “ I’m at the dentist”, “ I’m with X and Y at Club Z” , “I’m Mowing my lawn” every 15 minutes could be cute at first but this over sharing of information will eventually get too annoying to even the most die-hard fan. It makes you seem like you have too much free time. Not sexy! Fans would like it if you seem too busy yet you still find time to catch up on your tweets and statuses. Meaning, just tweet moderately.

Don’t use a social media tool like twitter and facebook and fail to use the social part of the tool. There are some artists who just sign up to all of these social networking sites but leave them to gather dust.  There are also those who just post updates about their latest album “we have a new album out…”, or concerts “ we are playing at so and so bar tonight” and nothing else. Well, there is nothing very wrong with that, but you should try to maximize the use of these social networking sites by getting SOCIAL with your fans. Yes, that mean you should use these sites not only as a platform for band promotion, but also to reach out and get intimate with your fans and friends.

Don’t say mean things about other artists online. Don’t go tweeting about how X or Y is such an annoying ass because your fans do care. Not so much about X or Y, but they care about YOU and your attitude. You are not an ordinary citizen now, you have people who idolize you and you should be responsible of your online conduct. You should know better than bashing other artists.

Don’t type when you’re fuming with anger. This is similar to the one above-but much broader. Do not blog about your anger to the point that readers would start to doubt your character.  Of course you are entitled to your opinion but it’s much better if you compose your opinion when your anger has subsided.  Do not write comments to other blogs, tweets, facebook statuses, when it is too harsh. We know what happened to Kanye- I mean, yes we like his bad-assness but not when he bashed Taylor Swift.  The world looked down on him when he did it at the VMAs. As an artist, making a public outrage (even if it’s just online) can do you no good.

Don’t use too much bling on your site. No matter how cool and funky you think it looks, chances are not everyone would appreciate too many flash, graphics, and sound effects. Even if you have a blingy music or fashion, there are still some of your fans who are turned off with too much bling.  Other potential fans might also get overwhelmed and close the site immediately. If you really have to adorn it, choose just one main feature to enhance. Avoid autoplay anything-no one likes it.


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