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Music licensing is the licensed use of copyrighted music. It also ensures that the creators of musical works get paid for their work. In layman’s terms it can be viewed as leasing your property out to someone for a fee, based on how and where they intend to use it, and for how long.

What’s cool is you’re not selling your music, so you still own the copyright to your songs and recordings. Furthermore, many music licensing deals are non-exclusive, meaning you can license the same song to as many people or companies that are willing to pay for its use!

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The following words and phrases often turn up when discussing music licensing:


A full ownership transfer of a copyright interest, in whole or in part, from one person or entity to another. A copyright assignment MUST be in writing.


The replaying of pre-recorded works to multiple listeners through various media or in a ‘semi-live’ setting such as a bar or bookstore, and including radio, TV, webcasting, podcasting, etc.


With regard to musical works, the exclusive right to make and publish copies of the work, to make other versions of the work, to make recordings of the work, and to perform the work in public. license The right, granted by the copyright holder, for a given person or entity to broadcast, recreate, perform, or listen to a recorded copy of a copyrighted work.


The person or entity to whom the work is licensed.


The owner of the licensed work.

Master Use License

Gives you permission to use an existing recording such as an accompaniment track in an audio or video project. You must obtain a license for each track in the project from the owner of the recording.

Master Use Rights

Required for previously recorded material that you do not own or control. They can only be obtained from the owner of the master recording, usually a record company. It is recommended that you obtain the master use license from the owner prior to requesting a mechanical license.

Mechanical License

Grants the rights to reproduce and distribute copyrighted musical compositions (songs), including uses on phonorecords (i.e., CDs, records, tapes, and certain digital configurations).


The live performance of a musical piece, regardless of whether it’s performed by the original artist or in the manner it is best known.

Performing Rights Organization

Large companies, the best-known of whom are ASCAP, BMI, and to a lesser extent SESAC (there are others as well) whose fundamental job it is to keep track of every single performance or broadcast of all works protected under copyright.

public domain

The legal status of a work

  1. for which copyright protection was never available;
  2. for which copyright protection was never properly secured; or
  3. for which copyright protection, though may have existed, has expired or otherwise has been lost. No permission or license is required to use a work that is in the public domain.

Pre-cleared music

Music that has been pre-negotiated for price, distribution and legal use, generally through licensing for film, video, television (commercials and programs), Internet, events, video games and multimedia productions.


For the purposes of copyright, a publisher is the owner of the copyrighted work.

Synchronization Licensing

The licensing of musical works to be performed as a soundtrack, bumper, leadin, or background to a motion picture.

Work made for hire (work for hire)

According to copyright law in most countries, if a work is “made for hire,” the employer, not the employee, is considered the legal author.


I’ve thrown together a list of various music licensing websites. Each company may differ in the way they license music, as well as how they charge for their services. Do your research and choose the one that’s tight for you.


Claims to insert hundreds of songs into films, documentaries, television/cable programs, extreme sports videos, exercise videos, etc.


A global music licensing company working for adverts, films and games.


A bridge that links independent artists and musicians to those in the industry who want their songs. Humtoo Connects music makers with projects that need music.


A complete music licensing e-commerce solution which makes it easy for you to license your music from your own website and keep 100% of the sales revenues.

Matchless Music

License pre-cleared Indie music for film, television, documentaries, advertising, websites, video games, corporate videos, and commercials.

Minimum Noise

A simple and fun approach to music licensing. Instead of browsing through libraries for hours, have musicians make music based on your description.

Music Dealers

A full-service Music Licensing company that connects quality artists from around the world with leading brands, networks, advertising agencies, film production houses and gaming companies.

Music Licensing Store (Rumblefish)

Provides music licensing services to social media and technology companies, movie and TV production studios, advertisers, video game makers and iconic brands worldwide.


Researches and licenses music for content producers.

Pump Audio

Artists can license their music into productions without giving up any ownership, while TV and advertising producers can discover new music ready for use.

Ricall Music Licensing

Claims to operate the world’s largest online music research and licensing marketplace.

Sentric Music

Music rights management.


Helps independent artists, songwriters, and composers get record, publishing, and film/TV deals.

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