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Music Marketing: 5 Things to Give Your Fans This Christmas

music marketing, Music Marketing: 5 Things to Give Your Fans This ChristmasGak! It’s Christmastime once again? How did 2011 pass by so fast? It feels like there are just 3 months in my year. But anyway, tis the season to be jolly- not feel old and sullen. I bet some of you already have a long Christmas shopping list. Of course! We make sure that every person that matters to us will feel special during the holidays. We make sure no one is forgotten. But, to my musician friends, do you have something for your fans? Even just a teeny-weeny something? Because surely, those people are very special to you, right? Heck, they’re probably more supportive to you than some of your nosy neighbors.

If you still don’t have anything for them, don’t feel bad. After all, you still have 3 weeks to prepare them a little something. Here are some of my suggestions:

Holiday album

Well, that is if you already have recorded some Christmas music beforehand. You can’t rush this. Manufacturing an album alone will take a week.  Another option is by recording just 3-5 Christmas covers. You need not compose original music as I think people prefer the familiar songs during Christmas. Just put a bit of personality to the songs. Don’t worry, you won’t look cheap. Remember Pomplamoose’s cover of Chordettes’ Mr. Sandman? I like that and I think they’re cool. Technically this is not a gift as they will still pay for it. But if they love you they will be so pleased by your efforts to make them happier this season.

Holiday Giveaways

Hanson is one of the most famous 90s band with hardcore fans. Imagine those grown-up boys are still singing mmmbop all around d the world after 15 years. And because their followers are hardcore fanatics, they can sell them pretty much anything- even a Christmas cookie cutter, woulya believe! (Cue music: Where we live in this cookie cutter world…). Yeah, that’s why. But not a very lousy idea if you have crazy followers. And of course, let’s not forget to mention the gods of Merch, KISS. Check out the KISS Christmas stockings.

music marketing, Music Marketing: 5 Things to Give Your Fans This Christmas

Postcards, Posters, Greeting Cards

Your super fans will appreciate a simple greeting card from you. Expect more support and love from them next year. Just make sure you personalize your greeting cards by writing their names or nicknames. If you don’t want to spend lots of bucks, you can just send them an e-card.

Free Downloads

Both on stage and on record, the Loneliest Monk  comes across as one of the most unique young bands in Chicago. This past December, they released a unique version of “Carol of the Bells” that required fans to post a tweet that read “Downloading ‘Carol Of The Bells’ by @LoneliestMonk for free athttp://wearetheloneliestmonk.com/xmas .” This simple trick exposed a whole new crop of people to The Loneliest Monk, and it’s more than likely the band gained tons of new fans as a result. Very smart.


Christmas Facebook Giveaways

Ask some stupid questions and give away some of your albums, merch, or personal items to the one with the best answer. That will be fun! Just make sure you’re active on your social networks and you have lots of online fans or it will be a lonely, lonely, contest.

Christmas Product Bundles

It’s almost the end of the year so it’s time to let go and sell fast. It’s also the perfect time since people are on a shopping spree mode. Bundle your album, t-shirt, and stickers. Make sure you will still earn a few dollars, though.

Tis the season for giving and loving. And making some money. And gaining more fans. Having two or more purposes for gift giving doesn’t make you a marketing douche. It’s just the way we should roll. It’s our chance to remind them how important they are and how dedicated we are to improving our craft.


So what’s your marketing plan this Christmas?


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