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Indie Musicians: Tips in Making a Band Bio

A feeling that’s even worse than being hated is the feeling of being unacknowledged or ignored. Mediocrity is the enemy of artists. But the music industry is like the ocean; vast and filled with others who also dream of making it big. Survival of the fittest is the game. Talent is not the only requirement to succeed in this business- It also requires charisma and the right people to back you up and to create lasting working relationships with. So how do you get to have these kinds of people? For beginners, especially those who do not have connections at all, catching the attention of scouts and agents thru a catchy press kit is a good start.

When you send out a sample CD of your songs to representatives of Record Labels, Promoters, Booking and Media contacts, it is vital that you have a very good copy of your bio. Here are some tips for making a kick-ass bio:

The Paper

So everyone is trying to come up with an attractive band bio. How can you make yours stand out? Well, choosing a good paper is one. Your bio should be written in a noticeable paper such as a stationery to make it look more interesting. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just as long as it is not an ordinary pad. You simply cannot afford to be bland, especially with the material you use for your press kit. If you want to print a special paper with your band’s logo, the better. Just make sure that the color, texture, and overall appeal of the material is close to your band’s personality and music. This would make the scouts think that you really do mean business and you know a little about marketing.


Your bio must be brief yet informative and must be filled with relevant details about your band. A full page would suffice and should contain all the necessary information. You may begin your bio by clearly stating your name, your hometown and the genre of your music.

Be specific and do not try to be a musician of all trades. As they say, if you play all kinds of music to all kinds of people, you are forgettable. You must never say you play all music genre. It also helps if you make reference to other artists. Say something like “Most of our music sound like a mix of Michael Jackson and Bob Marley”. Also include your music influences so they would somehow know more about your music tastes.

Activities & Advocacy

If you still have enough space on the paper, try to include your band’s other interests and advocacies. Are you all advocates of the green movement, of the Lesbians and transgenders,etc. What other events in the community do you take part in and share your talent?


Accomplishments and recognitions should be stated but only choose the ones really worth mentioning. Make sure you place the complete information of the awards received so that they can verify them if they’re interested.

Contact Information and website

Never forget to indicate your contact information and place it in the bio where it can be easily seen. It may be under the logo or at the top part of the page where they can see it fast. These agents receive thousands of press kits every week and some of them get rejected mainly because they find it hard to see the contact details of the bands.

If you are not too confident with your writing skills, you may ask assistance from a writer who has done press kits before. But if you really want to DIY your bio, then please study the right formula in writing a convincing band bio. Look for samples online and make sure you consult other people’s opinions before you start printing. Convince them not only thru your music but also thru your words.


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