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DVD Packaging: How to Make the Most of Your DVD Packaging

CD DVD cases amarayWe know it’s not very easy for indie filmmakers to be out there competing their little films in the tough market because of budget constraints.  Even if you do have an exceptional movie if you do not have a good marketing strategy, your film will not have the attention it deserves.  You now have a huge amount of debt because of the film production and you have nothing more to spare for the posters and other promotional materials.  Why don’t you use your DVD packaging as the promo material itself so you’d cut-down your expenses? It’s like hitting two or three birds with one stone.

If you are an Indie filmmaker and you are about to release your movie on DVD, here are some tips so you can maximize your DVD packaging:

Make sure your artwork grabs attention

Many consumers buy films based on the artwork especially if the films are not familiar to them. If they have to choose between two unfamiliar films, the one with a catchy artwork would most likely win. So how do you make a DVD Packaging that would really grab attention? If you are not a pro in graphic design, do hire a professional graphic artist.  Yes, filmmakers are skilled in design and may have a lot of software skills but it is still best that you let the pros do it for you since they know the basic rules and standards of DVD Packaging. Work with your graphic designer and come up with an album art that’s intriguing, funny, and more importantly witty. Bring some behind-the-scenes photos of your film so you have something to work on or it could spark an idea.

Make sure your tag line is intriguing

Text matters a lot in convincing consumers to buy a product. As a matter of fact, it is more crucial in the buyer’s decision than the actual artwork. The buyers may be initially drawn to your DVD because of the catchy artwork, but they will decide if they’d take it based on how they are intrigued by the synopsis. Make sure all the text in your DVD packaging is readable by choosing the appropriate fonts and sizes. Consumers’ attention are so short that they might just ditch the DVD if they have a tough time reading the first sentence. They have a lot of choices, you know. Also, make sure the text reads very well because it’s the only way the buyer can get a glimpse of your movie.  Hire someone who’s good with words to do it for you or brainstorm with your team like a maniac.

Include promotional materials

Maximize your DVD packaging by using it as a promotional material. The DVD packaging has built-in opportunities for indie filmmakers to market themselves and their product. Include your website address inside the DVD packaging so people would visit it if they want to know more about your movie or about your other works.

Include small freebie to attract the consumers

If you offer something more to your product, no matter how small it is, people would automatically want to get it.  If you are worried about your tight budget, you can ask for sponsors and team-up with big companies. For example, if you have an animated film about a boy who can see creatures when he wears his magic sunglasses, you can ask paper companies to make paper sunglasses for you.

With the tough economy and the increasing number of films produced each year, it is wise to maximize the function of your DVD packaging. I hope you find these simple tips useful and I hope you will apply them to your next project.


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