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DVD Packaging Doesn’t Matter

Yep, it doesn’t matter at those who are blind. But for the rest of us who are blessed with the sense of sight, it matters a lot!

Do you sometimes encounter people who say that the outside appearance doesn’t matter at all…and that real beauty lies inside? Well I do find them annoying, to be honest.  I mean, man by nature is a very visual animal. Heck, even birds are visual-take for instance the peacock which shows off his colorful feathers to attract the female peacock’s attention. As much as we do not want to admit that we care on what’s on the  outside to avoid being labeled shallow and superficial, it is a fact of nature to get drawn to beautiful things. There is a whole science to this and there are plenty of studies that support this theory. The advertising Industry would not have been this stable and rich if people just don’t give a damn about aesthetics and the divorce rate would surely be lesser,too. Even the most enlightened guru knows this.

So yes, what I am trying to say here is that DVD packaging matters. It doesn’t just matter a little, it matters a whole lot! Well, do you remember when you were still a kid and your mum takes you to a video store, chances are you do not know most of the movies on the shelf. You just base your choice on the DVD Packaging, right? Which one looks interesting enough, which one has a glossy expensive-looking pack, which one “looks” like a good story.

As we get older, we get more intelligent with our movie choices. Of course, we now read the summary at the back of the DVD packaging, we now check who directed the films and who starred in them, we now visit rotten tomatoes and IMDB before we head to the stores and purchase DVDs. So can we say that DVD Packaging matters less to intelligent buyers? Hmm…I do not think so. Let’s say you want to purchase the Inception DVD because you heard it is a brilliant film, because it was directed by Chris Nolan, because the critics say so…and you have two DVDs with you: one with amazing packaging, and one with a pale, cheap-looking packaging. I bet most of us would choose the one with the cool packaging because we know it will be worth every cent we paid.

We can compare this to how we are attracted to the opposite sex. When we were younger, even if we do not know the girl at all as long as she looks good, then we like her. As we get older and we realize that there are other things that we need to consider-her personality, her religion maybe, etc, we tend to weigh things and choose more wisely BUT we do not disregard the appearance completely, do we?

To make a catchy DVD packaging, first of all the materials should be of top quality. Even if your artwork is brilliant but you do not have good inks or a decent paper to print it on, then it’s of no use. The best thing to do is let DVD manufacturing companies print this for you. They have high-end materials that meet the DVD packaging standards. You will also spend less if you let a DVD manufacturing company do it for you. It’s a waste of money if you buy high end printers, inks,papers, etc just for this project.

Next, your artwork should entice and intrigue. It should make people so curious that they are left with no choice but to buy the DVD. It can be done by having a really kick-ass, breath-stopping artwork coupled by a really intriguing copy. You should have an art director for your DVD packaging because this needs the hands of an expert.

If you’re doing a box set DVD packaging, then you can go as crazy as you want with the design. You have more freedom to become more creative and over the top since you cater the DVD collector’s market.

DVD packaging should be given a good amount of attention because people do value it. Most collectors buy DVDs simply because of the creative packaging, younger kids choose DVDs based on the packaging, and ultimately, it makes your film more professional and valuable.

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