Superconductor USB

Where can I buy USB flash drives with cool designs?

The short answer is: Right here. Here at Unified Manufacturing, we offer different types of USB flash drives with over 100 customizable designs that come in different shapes, forms and sizes. We get these flash drives from our trusted suppliers ...
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Hard Rock Guitar Pick CD case

CD Packaging of the Week: Hard Rock’s Guitar Pick

Design: Marco Arroyo Vázquez Location: Spain Project Type: Student Project School: ESI Escuela Superior de Diseño de Valladolid Course: 3º EASD Tutor: Roberto Huerta Packaging Contents: CD Packaging Substrate / Materials: MD Wood (Medium Density fiber board) Printing Process: Burned, engraving and ...
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Things Musicians Should Say NO To More Often

When you're still a newbie and you want to enter the music scene, it is expected (in fact, quite wise) to say YES to a lot of things--- free gigs, some favors here and there, lots and lots of invites ...
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UnifiedManufacturing Blu Ray

What’s the Difference Between Watching in 4K Blu-ray Versus Streaming?

You can easily watch 4K movies on Netflix so why bother releasing your film or watching movies in a blu-ray disk, right? Besides, do people still buy them nowadays?  Don't be too quick to judge, my dear brothers and sisters! ...
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CD Packaging of the Week: Drose — boy man machine+

Design: Julien Fernandez Client: Computer Students Packaging Contents: Records, Compact Disc Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminum, cardboard, vinyl, plastic Printing Process: Screen Printing, Offset Drose is an experimental rock band from Columbus, Ohio, featuring the songwriting and voice of Dustin ...
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Screen Shot 2019 08 28 at 7.53.00 AM 1

Vinyl Packaging: Ivy Sole ‎– Overgrown

We saw this beautiful vinyl over at Vinyl Me Please and just had to share. This one is a split light blue and clear record with a yellow splatter, to complement the cover. The stencil says “Overgrown” with some flowers around ...
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CD sales

Releasing a “digital-only” album is not the wisest thing to do

Last year, Best Buy decided to stop selling CDs partly due to record labels’ increasing reluctance to even issue them. Both choices are symptoms as well as causes of a seemingly inevitable trend: Buying music is now going out of style nearly ...
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Sean Price Merch

Five merch items we offer that your fans would surely go crazy over

Most of you know that we specialize in CD/DVD and vinyl manufacturing. However, we also make cool posters, shirts, accessories and merch that make us a one-stop shop for musicians and filmmakers alike. Here are some of our awesome merch ...
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Saw vinyl record

Vinyl Record Labels That Rock

We want our vinyl record to look rad. We think we can do this by choosing pretty colors, putting glitters and splatter and making awesome packaging but sometimes we forget that we can do many creative things with the label ...
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time releasing album

Timing is Everything When It Comes to Releasing An Album

Well...not really everything because your music is more important but it plays such a big factor in the success of your album. By success, we mean how well-received it is by many people so that it converts to actual album ...
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