Common Mistakes Bands Make During CD Manufacturing

Some of the bands that get our service, especially the new ones, commit these mistakes during CD manufacturing.  They are not really fatal mistakes but they can cause delays and can affect your music career in one way or the other. It

Coming in with very tight timelines

Some bands come to our office with very tight timelines. They submit their artwork today and expect that everything will be done in 2-3 days. They want their CDs fast because they still have to promote their album and their CD release party afterward. But what most bands don’t know is that CD Manufacturing actually takes much longer than 2 days if the requirements are not complete or if it needs technical adjustments.  Two to three days is the time allotted for the actual manufacturing of the CDs, but we still have to meticulously check the master, the artwork, and the codes and make sure everything is perfect before making thousands of copies.

Not promoting their album while their CDs are being manufactured.

As I’ve said, CD Manufacturing is not that instant. Yes, the machines are fast and we try to make the process really fast but we have to be extra careful and make sure we have all the necessary requirements.

Instead of using this time to promote the CD release party, some bands just do nothing. They just rest and wait for the CDs to get done before they start promotion. I ask them if they’ve promoted their CD release party already and the usual response is “No. How can we promote the CDs if we still don’t have them?”. Well, I’m pretty sure they have copies of their album artwork and copies of their songs, so they have enough material for promotion. I do not think these media people would mind. But if they really want to send out the CDs to local newspapers, bloggers, magazines, radios, then they should move their CD release party. It’s useless to stick to the schedule if there isn’t enough promotion.

So my advice is this: Allot 2-3 weeks for CD manufacturing. If you really want your CD release party soonest, then you better utilize the 2-3 weeks promoting your album. But if you think that’s still not enough, then ditch the stiff schedule and exert all your efforts in promotion first. What’s the use of sticking to the schedule if only 5 people know about your CD release party?

Not setting enough budget for CD packaging

Most bands are willing to spend really big bucks on recording- whatever it takes to make good music!- but they are hesitant to spend on CD packaging. They will ask me of the best packaging options but they’re only willing to spend a dime for it. Maybe they ran out of money after the recording or they just underestimate the importance of a great CD packaging. What they do not know is that CD packaging is a good investment because it helps build the image of the band and could serve as a great promotional tool.

Choosing the Cheapest CD duplication Company

Some indie bands get lured by the extra low offers of some CD manufacturing companies only to get crappy CDs or pay more in the end.  Remember that there are thousands of CD manufacturing companies sprouting everywhere so you better know how to separate the wheat from the chaff.  You can do this by having a background check of the company-look for their list of clients, testimonials, and portfolio. If you personally know somebody who has hired the company- the better. You can ask that somebody to refer you to the company so that you are assured that they’ll perform their veto ensure you’ll get the best service. You would also get more perks since the company has to please you in order to please the referrer. The CD manufacturing company knows that if one of you gets disappointed, they might lose two clients.

Not investing on relationships

You should know by now that, in any industry,  building solid relationships is key. Actually most bands know this but they do not think that the CD manufacturing stage could be a great venue to socialize and make connections. Don’t just look for the cheapest deals-look for a team that can assist you in your career. I would suggest you go for the company that has been in the industry for a long time. Some of the owners are talent scouts, managers, or owners of record labels. They can give you tips, contacts, and credible advice. So choose well and be nice.


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